Where do you find Groudon in Pokemon Indigo?

Groudon is not obtainable in Pokémon Indigo by any method other than abusing a glitch.
For the person who said ''Pokemon indigo is an online game and I don't know how why the hell did you do that, there's no blody point.

So yeah, I have the CORRECT answer new Version 1.3-1.5 or 0.9. No doubt I'm sick of people saying IT DONT WORK IT DONT WORK but it blody well does.

Now, Go to League Champion Steven part yeah and get a latios lv.38. Raise it to level 50, with 244 HP. Then get a Kyogre from a room that has one. But need to be lv.45-50. If level 47-50, Raise your latios to level 70 andKyogre to level 100. Latioswill have 597 HP and Kyogre will 500 HP. It's not the end, Latios to level lv.80 will be 637 HP, and90 670 HP, Lv.100 / 704 HP. But yeah just get it level 70 and Kyogre lv.100. Well, Now, Get Dialga from oh man Forget the gym but it has lava in it. (It's Mt.Pyre) WELL, Now go to Artisan Cave, GO back to setup my battle team and release Kyogre. Go back to Artisan cave and a Groudon level 55 257HP will apeare.