Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Where do you find Surf in Pokemon Platinum?

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Celestic Town Ruins. Cynthia's Grandmother will give it to you.

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all you have to do is get a pokemon who has surf,and surf around big oceans near cities.

Get the HM Surf then teach it to a pokemon.

below solaceon town. you need surf

First you have to have surf and waterfall. then surf from sunnyshore city and get through victory road and your there.

You can find an electrilizer behind the valley windworks by using surf

you can find it behind the valley windworks, you need to surf on the river to get to it.

You get Surf from the elder of Celestic Town.

What ever you're smoking to think you can surf on lava, I want some!

You can find mantyke while u surf to victory road :). in sunyshore city.

Use surf by the valley windworks and go right. There you willl find it.

just use surf on almost any part of ocean

you can get one in pastoria city.Use surf and there is 75% that tentacool will come.

you can get it by going to fuego fireworks but you nedd surf monkey

you find it at route 221. (need to obtain surf first)

check by the wind works were the water is your gonna need surf for this and you'll find it

Go to Valley Windworks and use surf. There is TM24 Thunderbolt near by.

Heads north from the resort area until you find a small pond and surf on it.

to see Pokemon 136 surf on Route 205 or 210 and you will find <drumroll> TENTACOOL!

Nowhere; Lugia is not available in Pokemon Platinum (unless you migrate it over from a GBA game, in which case it'll be in the Pal Park).

beat the fifth gem leader than you get the Hm surf

i think its in Celestic Town Ruins. Cynthia's Grandmother will give you it.

its behind the valley windworks in flaorama town u have to surf over to it

find the waterfall and surf into it ( you dont need HM Waterfall)

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