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Where do you find TM 29 on Pokemon diamond?


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just get a action replay thing for your DS

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There is no Tm sleep in diamond, there is a sleep talk, which you can find in eterna forest.

You can find TM 26 in Wayward cave

You can find the TM sunnyday on route 212.

You can find one somewhere,or you can but that TM from the Velsitone Mall

there is n no tm twister, but you can find the move on a gyarados

In Pokemon Diamond the TM 90 is the move substitute.

their is no tm for spark in pokemon

You can find TM Dig at the Ruin Maniac Cave.

no,but it can be tought by TM,where to find this TM is in route 216.

You can find the Tm icebeam in route 216.

I think that TM energy ball doesn't exist in heartgold. You can find it in Pokemon diamond and pearl on ds.

you carn't only certain Pokemon can. sorry

you go to eterna masion.check around there.

You cant with out action replay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you can find it in hiddin places that show a pokeball

buy it at the vielstone department store

I think you get it from the Veilstone departmental store

There is no such thing as TM 129.

watchog learns it at level 28 or 29. there is no TM or HM for it.

well, dig isn't a HM in Pokemon diamond, but it is an TM. anyway, you can find it on route 214, inside a cave where you'll find the ruin maniac- the same place where you find hippopotas.

The TM is roost but I don't know where to find it

Horn drill is not a TM in diamond only in red and blue.

You can trade a Pokemon that is holding the TM from diamond to soulsilver or pearl or platinum or you can migrate a Pokemon holding the TM from ruby, sapphire or emerald or firered or leafgreen.

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