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Where do you find Team Rocket after you defeat them in the Ice Cave in Pokemon?

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Team Rocket's Warehouse

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In Pokemon pearl what does team galatic do after you defeat their boss on spear peak?

Team Rocket Team Rocket

What do you do after you beat the ice gym leader in Pokemon soulsilver?

You have to defeat Team Rocket at the Radio Tower in Goldenrod. To get in you need a team rocket costume, you can get it in the underground where the photographer has his stand. After that you have defeated team Rocket you can move east from Mahogany to the Ice cave.

Where can you find wobbafet in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can get wobbafet in cerelean cave Note. You have to beat the elite 4 first and defeat the rest of team rocket

How do you catch Palkia or dialgav in Pokemon pearl ds?

first you spelt dialga wrong second you can only get dialga on Pokemon diamond third you can get palkia on Pokemon pearl by going through this one cave and team rocket grunts are every where when you defeat them you go though this door and these 2 team rocket guys battle you then when you defeat them there is the boss... and when you defeat them you go behind him and there is palkia...yay

How do you get masterballs in Pokemon FireRed?

You get the masterball when you go and defeat Team rocket

How do you get a dragon scale in Pokemon crater?

defeat Giovanni in team rocket.

How do you beat the team rocket guys on 1 island in leafgreen?

you can only defeat them after you have won the Pokemon league they break nto a cave and through there is a ruby . Adz

Was the team rocket person lying about altering cave in Pokemon FireRed?


How do you get past the RageCandyBar seller on Pokemon SoulSilver?

I think you have to defeat team rocket

How do you unlock the 7 gym in Pokemon HeartGold?

You must defeat Team Rocket.

How do you defeat the ghost in Pokemon tower in the original red Pokemon?

You need to defeat team rocket at celadon game corner and get the silph scope then it will be a marowak lv.30 then keep going up and beat team rocket

How do you get into team rockets warehouse on Pokemon LeafGreen?

After reciving the Ruby, go to Island 4 and defeat Team Rocket in the Ice Cave. Then go to Island 6 and enter the ruins and watch as the Sapphire gets stolen by Team Rocket (once you get to the right room). Then you can get into the warehouse.

Is there a rare Pokemon in the cave by the islands on Pokemon diamond?

yes!!!!!!!!you are right!!!!!!!!!In that cave talk to a boy and defeat team galactic in that cave together then talk to him again................................and..................................................................................YOU GET A RIOLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!P.S.have space in your Pokemon team to get the egg.

How do you catch the ruby in Pokemon FireRed?

You must catch 60 different types of pokemon,then you must defeat the team rocket members on mt.ember on one island,then you go into the cave that they were blocking,then you will eventually find get to one island and go to the rocket brothers.

How do you rescue Mr Fuji in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Mr Fuji is being held hostage by Team Rocket in Pokemon Tower. Defeat all the Team Rocket members to rescue him.

How do you get dive in Pokemon LeafGreen only?

you can get it in four islands icefall cave after destroying team rocket the cave ,it will be there

How do you catch into silph co in Pokemon firered?

Defeat team rocket at the game corner and Pokemon tower.

How can you go to blacktborn city in Pokemon in soul silver?

Once you have the 7 previous gym badges, go back to Goldenrod City. Go into the underground tunnel and talk to the team rocket member bu the camera, he will give you a team rocket uniform. Now go to the radio tower and defeat team rocket. Once you defeat team rocket the old man will let you pace from Mahogany Town and then you will have to go through the ice cave.

Can you get the Team Rocket uniform after you defeat Team Rocket?

No you canot

Pokemon FireRed why doesnt the sapphire appear in the cave?

team rocket take it to their warehouse

In Pokemon FireRed what city do you get the marsh badge in?

in saffron city after you defeat team rocket

How do you get to the sunnyshore gym leader in Pokemon pearl?

You have to defeat team rocket at lake valor.

What do you do after you beat the 7TH gym in Pokemon gold?

you have defeat team rocket in golderonlr city

What is the second password to get into the warehouse of Team Rocket in Pokemon?

im not sure off the top of my head what the passwords are but you have to ask the team rocket members after you defeat them in a Pokemon battle and that's how you get the passwords

How do you move scientist outside dotted hole in fire red?

You go to icefall cave and defeat team rocket there.