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you have to find it in the mine at the curio shop

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Q: Where do you find a Zum Zum Sparkle on Webkinz World?
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Related questions

How do you get a zum in webkinz world?

you can get a zum by buying one in a store or by getting a "kinz klip"

How do you get your zum logged onto webkinz world?

U have 2 go 2 the webkinz code shop and type in your code, it will log on your zum. :)

A Webkinz zum code?

A webkinz zum code is what you get when you buy a zumbuddy for your webkinz. You put in the code at the code shop.

How do you get a pet for your Webkinz pet?

the only way to get a pet for your webkinz is to buy a zum and enter the code in the code shop. then you will have a zum . then you go to the zum place and go to its room and play with it. the last answer told you how to adopt a webkinz not a zum

How do you play visit zums in webkinz?

First, you get a toy zum from and store that sells them and when you log them in at the code shop in webkinz world all you need to do is buy a kinzklip and put it in the code shop. then you can have a zum online and can go zum sighting!!

Do you get zummies when you buy a zum?

Yes, you will receive a Zummy when you buy a Zum. You will need to have a party or visit a party to buy the Zum. You can find out more information at the Webkinz official website.

When you put a Zum on Webkinz world does it renew your account?

No, it doesn't. It's like a KinzKlip. You can only renew your account via a Webkinz or lil'Kinz.

Why do you HAVE to get a Zum Buddies to have a buddy for your webkinz?

Yes you do

How do you get a webkinz pet buddy?

You have to buy a Zum Buddy

Where is the spot to enter a zum on webkinz?

At the code shop

How can you get a zum in Webkinz?

In order to get a Zum in Webkinz you first should visit your local retailer who sells Webkinz plush toys. They are bound to have one somewhere throughout their selection. If this does not work try to order one from the Webkinz catolog or If this does not suit your needs you should just ask around you are bound to find one somewhere.Good Luck with the search!

What is the code to acess zumwhere on webkinz world?

You can get a code by buying a kinzclip or a zum and enter the code in the code shop A kinzclip code lets you take pictures of zums for prizes and a zum code lets you take care of a virtual zum

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