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I have found silver patterns on eBay that have enabled me to add to my collection. Keep searching regularly, if you don't find what you need right away.

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What is silver hollowware?

Hollowware is serving dishes and accessies which are hollow, or concave.... dishes and bowls. Silver hollowware is hollowware made of silver.

What does ep mean on Gorham silver?

The EP on Gorham silver means "electro plating". It is not a sterling silver piece.

Is Gorham Chantilly Sterling solid sterling silver?

Chantilly is a pattern. Sterling silver is not pure silver, it is 925 parts out of a thouand, or 92.5% silver

What is the traditional gift given for a sixteenth wedding anniversary?

silver hollowware

What is the value of an 1883 FB Rogers Silver tea set numbered 2305?

Pattern: 2305 (SILVERPLATE HOLLOWWARE) by F B ROGERS, Holloware, Silverplate [FBR2305] Pattern #: 2305 Description: SILVERPLATE,HOLLOWWARE ONLY,SCROLLSSilverplate Coffee Pot7 3/4NO REF.#$119.95Creamer3 1/82305$59.99

What does chippendale mean stamped on international silver items?

"Chippendale" is the name of the pattern. You can think of it as a collection; "the Chippendale collection." The manufacturer (in this case International Silver Co.) would make a whole line of flatware, hollowware and serving pieces with the same matching pattern.

What does the silver markings Gorham E P with an anchor between the E and the P yc795 mean?

It means Electroplate the number is the pattern

How much silver does gorham silver ORIGINAL ep bowl yc779 contains?

worth nothing it is plated

What year was silver quarters discontinued?

1964 was the last year silver quarters were made.

How much silver can you get for a 1 dollar silver certificate now?

None. Redemption for silver metal was discontinued in 1968.

Do 1976 Canadian Quarters have any silver content?

No. Silver circulating coinage was discontinued in Canada after 1968.

Do 1965 quarters have silver in them?

No they do not. Quarters only had silver up until 1964, and then discontinued putting silver in them. The Half-Dollar had silver up until 1970.

Can you exchange a 1 dollar silver certificate for silver?

No. When the US deregulated the price of silver back in the 1960s, the practice of redeeming silver certificates for metal was discontinued.

Where can you get 1 in silver for a silver certificate?

That's no longer possible. When the US deregulated the price of silver back in the 1960s, the practice of redeeming silver certificates for metal was discontinued.

How much would antique Gorham sterling silver flatware be worth?

today it would be over a $100-$1000 depending on where you sell it

Why are they called silver certificate dollar bills?

The US Treasury would exchange them for silver coins. That policy ended in the mid-1960s when silver coinage was discontinued.

What is value of Gorham sterling silver bolw serial number A41828?

The value is the weight of the bowl in ounces times .92 times the spot price of silver, which as of 1/30/12 is $33.50

What is the history of Duchin Creation sterling silver?

Duchin Creations starting from 1944. Duchin Creations had its headquarters in New York (NY, U.S.A.) and was a popular maker of a large line of sterling hollowware in the 1940's

Can you cash in a one dollar silver certificate for one dollars worth of silver?

Not any longer. The government discontinued that practice about 45 years ago, when the price of silver was deregulated.

Is it legal to trade goods for discontinued silver coins?

Silver U.S. coins dated 1964 or earlier are still legal tender at face value.

What does pat 1895 with a lion and an anchor and a third symbol sterling mean on silverware?

That is the symbol for Gorham silver. Perhaps you found Patent 1895 on the back of silverware.

What denomination are silver certificates?

At various times during the 19th century, silver certificates were issued in every denomination from $1 to $1000. That range was reduced to $1, $5, and $10 during the first part of the 20th century. $5 and $10 denominations were discontinued with the 1953 series, and $1 silver certificates were discontinued with the 1957 series.

How do you catch bronzor in Pokemon soul silver?

If you have the PokeWalker route Winner's Path, (which is currently discontinued) Bronzor is abundant.

What is a the value of a 1961 US silver dollar?

Silver dollars were discontinued after 1935. No new $1 coins were minted until 1971 and they were copper-nickel, not silver. Please check again and post a new question.

What is the value of a 1965 US 1 dollar silver certificate?

The last silver certificates were dated 1957 and there are no US bills dated 1965. By 1965 the U.S. had stopped making coins from silver and discontinued the policy of redeeming silver certificates for metal.