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Go to the Library. I liev in a small town and the library has Haynes repair manuals on the shelf. You could look it up and make a copy. Call the library first to see if they have what you need.

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Where do you find a vacuum hose diagram for 1993 Toyota 4 runner?

There should be a complete vacumm diagram sticker underneath the hood on the driver side.

What makes cunduction and convection impossible?

vacuum :3 Sister Tree

Are there Vacumm Accessories you can get aside form the ones you get with the vacumm?

Yes, there are some manufactures that sell an accessory pack that you can purchase seperate from the vacuum.

How can you diagnose a bad fuel pressure regulator?

Disconnect the vacumm line at the throttle body. If fuel is spurting from the vacumm line then the reg is bad.

Your heater in your 93 blazer does not work right fan runs but not much air comes out the vents changed the duct work doors seem to be working but dont blow air what can you do?

If it has the vacumm operated climate control check for a vacumm leak under the dash. Also check for proper operation of the vacumm valves operating the doors. Usually if the system breaks the control will default to the defrost position and vacumm leaks are a common cause.

What is the design prospects of Popeye?

vacumm cleaners and dust and librarys

When you use a vacumm form what do you use?

Below atmospheric pressure.

Were to find the vacumm leak?

spray around your vacum hoses with ether.

Do sound waves travel in vacuum?

Soundwave cannot travel through a vacumm.

Where is the ported vacumm switch located on a 4.0 lt for a 96 ford exlporer xlt 4wd 4dr?

where is the ported vacumm switch located on a 4.o lt for a96 ford explorer xlt 4wd 4dr

What is an example of an insulator of heat?

1. Vacumm (Best) (Vacumm is actually nothing at all! All the air is sucked out.) 2. Styrofoam 3. Plastic 4. Wood 5. Glass 6. Rubber 7. The material in your clothes

What do sound waves need in order to travel?

Particles. They can't travel through a vacumm

Where is the vacuum modulator on a 1993 Cadillac Eldorado?

On the side of the trany. It will have a vacumm hose going to it

Why does my 91 Chevy pickup 350 motor not idle down?

vacumm leak problem.

Why does front drive shaft rotate on Chevy blazer 4x4 2002 when elctronic switch not engaged?

there could be more than one factor it sounds like the actuator is bad or if your blazer has partial vacumm control then you could have a vacumm leak

Examples of heat insulators?

There are many but a few are: 1. Vacumm (Best) (Vacumm is actually nothing at all! All the air is sucked out.) 2. Styrofoam 3. Plastic 4. Wood 5. Glass 6. Rubber 7. The material in your clothes

What was Robert boyle famous for?

because he discovered the vacumm in space and somert else to do with the hypothesis chart?

Is it possible to prevent formation of Clouds?

yes nuke it out of the sky such as sucking the clouds into a vacumm cleaner

Does the insulation in Thermos coolers degrade over time?

No... the insulation is created by a vacumm and a reflective mirror finish

1995 GMC Van Any idea why motor intermittently dies when heater turned on?

there is a vacumm leak .

How do you put freon in an automobile?

You have to vacumm out the system then add a specific amount of R-134A with a refrigerant gauge

Do all wavelengths travel at same speed in a vacumm and carry the same energy per photon?


Where did acdc originate?

Austraulia. The name Ac Dc comes from the back of a vacumm cleaner that had it written on its back.

What is the speed of light in a vacumm?

It is approx 300,000,000 metres per second.

How much is a vacuum cleaner?

Well it depends on the vacumm and the brand.If you are rich then more then $100, but if you are poor then less than $100.

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