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Q: Where do you find a good picture of Lauren Koslow Kate Roberts from Days of Our Lives new hairstyle?
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What is the birth name of Lauren Koslow?

Lauren Koslow's birth name is Koslow, Lauren Alice.

How tall is Lauren Koslow?

Lauren Koslow is 5' 7".

When was Lauren Koslow born?

Lauren Koslow was born on March 9, 1953, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

How old is kate on Days of Our Lives?

Lauren Koslow, the actress who plays Kate Roberts, is 59 years old as of her last birthday on March 9, 2012.

Does Lauren Koslow smoke?

Yes. Lauren has smoked for years.

What is the birth name of Lauren Scheff?

Lauren Scheff's birth name is Lauren Roberts.

What has the author Lauren Brown written?

Lauren Brown has written: 'Emma Roberts' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Juvenile literature, Motion picture actors and actresses, Actors and actresses, Biography, Women

Are Lauren branning and peter beale from eastenders going out in real life?

no. Madeline Duggan (Lauren), is dating Charlie Roberts.

Are flavius and marullus nothing more than spoilsports?

Lauren Roberts is fine

Is Kenny wormald still with Ashley Roberts?

No but now he is he was before with Lauren Bennett

What is Lauren Westphalen's picture?

It's good

Is Kenny Wormald currently dating Lauren Bennett?

Yes he is. He broke up with Ashley Roberts from the Pussycat Dolls to go out with Lauren Bennett from the Paradiso Girls.

What actors and actresses appeared in When Actors Need Money - 2009?

The cast of When Actors Need Money - 2009 includes: Lauren Koslow as Marsha Leigh Dixon Jim Storm as Jim Storm Barton Tinapp as Bobby Malloy

What has the author Lauren Bacall written?

Lauren Bacall has written: 'Lauren Bacall by myself' -- subject(s): Biography, Moving-picture actors and actresses

Did Ashley Roberts and Kenny Wormald Break up?

yeah hes dating Lauren bennett

Does Lauren branning have a boyfriend in real life?

Yes, Madeline Duggan does have a boyfriend , Charlie Roberts.

Where does Winnie perry live from twelve?

Somewhere in Atlanta :D Its on the back cover under a picture of Lauren Myracle's picture....

Is Ashley Roberts still the girlfriend of Kenny wormald?

no, he's now dating Lauren bennett of the paradiso girls...

Is Leslie Roberts of Global News Married?

The assignment editor of CTV Montreal, Amalia Fernandez was the wife of Roberts. He has a daughter Lauren, who was raised by her mother and saw her father occasionally. Roberts announced he was gay in 2010. His current partner is a man named Chris.

What picture did Chris Brown hold up in this Christmas?

it's a picture of Lauren London in high school. if you watch the commentary, you'll hear them say it.

Does Lauren conrad wear thongs?

yes, she does. there is a picture or two out there where her thong is showing.

Is there a picture of Lauren London and her baby?

Yes. You can find a photo of her and her son on Google Images.

Why did Kenny Wormald break up with Ashley Roberts?

there were some tweets between Lauren, Robin Antin and fans and JUST A GUESS but I think Kenny left Ashely FOR Lauren. Robin Antin introduced Kenny to Lauren but I don't think Kenny would cheat. Sometimes relationships just fail

Who's picture did Chris Brown hold up at the end of This Christmas?

It was Lauren London's high school picture. If you listen in closely, you may hear her say it a bit clearer

Where can one find a picture of the Ralph Lauren Polo Logo?

Pictures of the Ralph Lauren Polo Logo can be found online from many different websites. The official Ralph Lauren website is the most reliable but Google Images and Photobucket are also reliable sources.