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Click on the "Browse questions" link on the top of the page (in the middle). This allows you to see all the different categories on WikiAnswers, and the questions in each of them.

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It is in "My Contributions". There you can find everything you have done on WikiAnswers.

You can go to your contribution page and filter the list by action "Answers (new)". That will list all the questions you answered.

View the question history and it will list the time (minute and hour) the question was answered.

You can close the box of the question you just answered and it will be back at the previous list of questions.

Promoted questions are questions chosen by the WikiAnswers team to be promoted. This list is different than the Featured Questions list.

There are millions of answered questions. It is impossible to list them, because people answer questions daily.

When you ask or answer a question, there is a check-box that asks if you want to add this question to your watchlist - the default is "yes" so if you don't remember telling us to, then it is automatically on your list! WikiAnswers will email you when your questions are answered, updated, or edited.

You can find the questions you have asked by clicking on My Contributions, under My Pages, on the sidebar.The list can be filtered to only show Questions Asked.

on WikiAnswers -----------Click the blue button up top that says answer. Then type in 'Unanswered Questions'.

Anyone can ask and answer questions on the site, and there is no one going through the list at all times, so some questions get answered right away and for others it takes longer. Questions that have been answered remain on the site so that people who have identical or similar questions can also get help.

If you are a registered user, you can go to your contributions page by clicking on "My contributions" on the blue sidebar. Then chose "filter by: Questions Asked" and you will see a list of all the questions that you have asked on WikiAnswers.

If you are a registered user, go to "My contributions" on he blue panel on the left. Then select "Filter by: Questions (asked)". It will then list all the questions you've asked on WikiAnswers.

No, anyone can answer questions on Wikianswers. However, if you are planning to use this site often, it is recommended that you sign up as a member. It gives you additional facilities like a watch list, a message board, a history page. You can also choose to be notified when your question is answered.

Many, many questions have not been answered. I couldn't possibly list them all, but they are easy to find if you use advanced search and search only for unanswered questions. Sometimes questions aren't answered because the question is really hard to answer and requires expertise that few people have. Sometimes questions aren't answered because the question itself doesn't seem to make sense. In either case, feel free to jump in and help us out. Your expertise is needed, whether it is how to fix a car, or how to make a question grammatically correct.

No, the Featured questions list does not list answered questions. The point of the Featured questions is to basically "put out there" any unique, unanswered questions.Here and there, an unanswered may creep in, usually by a new supervisor. In a case such as this, the supervisor is soon alerted to this oversight.

There are two ways of finding Newly answered questions on all subjects on Wikianswers: by following one of the two links below.Special:RecentQThis takes you to the recently asked questions in all subjects on Wikianswers. A similar link is the following:Special:recentchangesThat is a link which you can filter by Questions asked, Questions edited, and most recently-answered questions in all subjects - amongst other filtering criteria.To find recently asked questions in a particular category on Wikianswers, navigate to that category and click on New Questions at the top of the list of questions. For example, the most-recently asked questions in the category of Braille can be found at the following address:Special:RecentQYou can filter these questons by those which have been Answered, those which remain Unanswered, and all of the recent questions in the category, by constraint of the single-page question limit criterion available on the right-hand side of the "Most recent [subject] questions" page.

The unanswered questions are listed in the order they were posted. To find the oldest question in a particular category - simply go to the last page of unanswered questions. That's what I did when I came on here today !

I don't know the details of this plant. However you will find a number of questions of this type in the list of answered nuclear energy questions.

Many questions haven't been answered yet... including this one up to about 10 seconds ago. :) It would be impossible to list them all, since there are so many, and the list is constantly changing. If you want to find unanswered questions in general though, that is really easy. Just go to any category, and find the "All unanswered questions" link. That will list out all the unanswered questions for you, and you can start answering them. What fun, eh?

There is no "best" answerer, as all contributors answer questions phenomenally and exceptionally well. However, judging by the all-time contributor's list, Viper1usmc would be one of the greatest answerers, having answered the most questions in the history of WikiAnswers.

Once you have signed into your WikiAnswers account, you will see your blue toolbar to the left of the page. You can either find your 'Watchlist' which is under 'My Pages'. It will show a list of all the questions you have asked when they are answered. It will also show who answered your question. If you prefer, you can also go directly to the question you asked. Under the answer, it will say which user or ID answered your question. You can also go to the 'question history', which can be found on your toolbar under Question Tools. It will show how many edits have been made to your question, and who has answered your question.

You can put the question on your watch list and you can also ask the question again to see if it has been answered.

When on the category home page (not the category topic page) you should see all the answered questions. To get to the unanswered questions in the category there is a link to unanswered questions above the name of the category. If you are not seeing a list of questions you probably are looking at the topic page instead of the category homepage and will need to use the browse categories page to get to the category homepage instead.

Currently, there is no way to view a list of the oldest questions, though this may be implemented in the future.

People just want to be goofy, and dumb sometimes. ---- The questions which make sense are quickly answered, and disappear from the [Unanaswered Questions] list. If you browse the [Unanswered Questions] list you will find mostly questions which are more difficult to answer - including questions which are impossible to answer, either because they have no answer, or because they are not true questions.

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