Where do you find a step by step guide to replacing a side mirror on a 98 s10?

I had a 2000 s-10 and I replaced the mirror one from what I remember it wasnt too hard you have 3 bolts in a triangular pattern holding the mirror on from the other side of the mirror, You have to pull out a few clips from the top of the inner door panel just enough to pull back to access the bolts that hold the mirror in I remember on the 2000 you could pull out a few of the top door panel clips that hold to the door above the handle area. Then it was just a matter of puliing back enough in the panel to access the 3 bolts holding the mirror in and the electrical connector if your window was heated or had the defrosters in them. Sorry I cant be more specific if anyone else can add to this feel free but what I do remember was that it took me less than half an hour so wasnt too bad just a matter of looking at what you need to remove as you go along..Good luck