Where do you find affordable health insurance for a single mother of three?

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services are you looking to cover.

Affordable health insurance If you don't compare you won't save as much as you can. Make sure to understand the pre-existing conditions exclusions for any policy you take out. You want to make certain that there is coverage when you need it most. Consider different deductibles and limits of coverage to help reduce your premium. Also, when you choose a plan ask the insurance company if there is any way to lower the premium. They can usually help you find the coverage to meet your needs with the best price they can offer. More opinions from WikiAnswers Contributors: * Have you checked with your state? In GA, there is Peach Care for children under a certain income, and the income limit is actually not that low. It's only like $10 per child. It's to bridge the gap between Medicaid/Medicare (whichever it is for the low income) and people with jobs who can afford it through work. It only covers children though. Maybe your state offers something like that for your children.