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Where do you find hm rock smash in Pokemon soul silver?


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go north of the first gym talk to the person she will give it to u

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Rock Smash-ing the Rock Smash-able rocks at the Ruins of Alph

you can find rock smash by talking to a man just to the right of where sudowoodo was (violet city side)

right next to the place you find soodowoodo

use rock smash on rocks and you will find it eventualy

have a Pokemon who knows rock climb and rock smash

HM06 Rock Smash is given to you by a Hiker on Route 36.

You need a Pokemon with the move Rock Smash.

Hes on top of the cave just west of the Pokemon league gotta have strenght rock smash and rock climb

I had trouble finding it too, but you find rock smash by going to the NW entrance/exit from Violet city and a guy on route 36 past the girl, gives you rock smash.

After getting rid of sudowoodo a fat guy to the right of sudowoodo gives you rock smash.

You use HM Rock Smash on smashable rocks.

Rock Smash is TM08 in Gold and Silver, is a newer move and therefore is not usable or findable in Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow.

Find a Pokemon that can learn Rock Smash. Like Geodude.

Go to the goldenrod dept store and talk to all the cashiers until you find the TM's person buy the TM rock smash and now you have it.

there is no rock smash in Pokemon Red. there are only 5 HM's in Red version. the rock smash was introduced in the Silver and Gold versions.

you can find the legendary Pokemon regirock

in Pokemon silver, gold, crystal, yellow, blue or red rock smash don't exist. in the new versions rock smash is a HM.

rock smash go west of violet city and talk to the chubby guy

Pokeathlon Prize [Wednesday] or Smash Rocks using Rock Smash.

Sudowoodo is not the only Pokemon that can learn Rock Smash. There are many Pokemon that can learn it. Most fighting type Pokemon can learn the TM. So no, you do not need Sudowoodo.

you go to ruins of alph and smash the rocks with rock smash and some of them contain fossils.

A hiker gives it to you on Route 36.

talk to the fat guy on route 36.

You can't get the move rock smash in Pokémon Yellow version. The move does not exist. It was introduced in Gold and Silver.

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