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SORRY DUDE THERis no hm for whirlpool in pokemon pearl diamond or platinum only heartgold and soulsilver. but that wuld be AWESOME:))

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Q: Where do you find hm whirlpool on Pokemon Pearl?
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Related questions

Where is Whirlpool in Pokemon Pearl?

Whirlpool isn't a HM in Pearl because you don't need Whirlpool at any point in the game because there aren't any whirlpools.

Where can you find whirlpool in Pokemon Black?

You cannot get the TM/HM Whirlpool in Pokemon Black or White.

Where will you find HM whirlpool in Pokemon shiny gold?


Where to find whirlpool on diamond?

You cant find it, it's not an HM in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

Where to get the hm whirlpool in Pokemon ruby?

In Third Generation Whirlpool is no longer an HM.

Where do you get HM whirlpool in Pokemon Platinum?

The HM Whirlpool is not obtainable in Pokemon Platinum, for there is no use for it during gameplay.

Were to get whirlpool in Pokemon Black?

Pokemon Black and White don't have HM Whirlpool.

What till do you find the HMdive in Pokemon Pearl?

HM Dive does not exists in Pokemon Pearl.

Where is the hm whirlpool in Pokemon Diamond?

whirlpool is not classified as a HM in that Pokemon series, only in heartgold/soulsilver is it a HM, in diamond it is only a simple TM (1use)

How do you pass the whirlpool in the dragon's den in Pokemon Gold?

you need a Pokemon that can use HM move whirlpool

Where to get HM whirlpool in Pokemon crystal version?

a person

How do you get rocklimb in Pokemon diamond and pearl?

Find the HM on Route 217

Where do you get the hm dig in Pokemon pearl?

Dig is not an HM and you find it from a man near Vielstone...Good Luck:)

Where to get the hm move dive in Pokemon pearl?

the hm dive is not available in pearl.

What is the Pokemon that can learn hm whirlpool inheartgold and soulsoulsilver?


How do you get past the whirlpool in Pokemon silver?

Learn HM wirlpool

How do you get over whirlpools in Pokemon emerald?

You need the HM whirlpool.

What Hm Is strength on Pokemon pearl?

HM 4

How do you get in the dragon shrine in Pokemon silver?

You will need a Pokemon that knows hm whirlpool. :-)

Were to find whirlpool on Pokemon ruby?

You can't get whirlpool. It is no longer a HM or even a TM. On the otherhand, (if you want it that bad) I have seen Wailmers use it battle.

What are all of the HMS in Pokemon?

cut, surf, fly, rock smash, rock climb, strength, and waterfall In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum there is HM defog. In HeartGold and SoulSilver there is HM whirlpool.

On Pokemon pearl where do you find the HM defog?

right next to the snowpoint city

How do you cross the swirls in Pokemon Gold?

One of your Pokemon must learn whirlpool from an hm.

How do you get past the whirl islands in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you need hm whirlpool.

Pokemon soul silver how to get to the end of wave island?

you have to get hm whirlpool