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Where do you find people who need teen babysitters?



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Try craigslist under childcare. Ask neighbors, ask family, ask parents to ask their coworkers/ask your coworkers. You can advertise yourself, just do it carefully. You always need to meet your employer and the child/children you are sitting for before you act sit for anyone to make sure they are safe. If someone calls you and says so and so told them about you, get their name, number, address, and date and time they need you. Then tell them you need to check and see if it is ok and you will call them back. Call the person they said told them about you and ask them about the family, whether they like the family, if they feel comfortable watching them in their home, etc. Then check with your parents if necessary. Call them back after doing those tasks. Make time before you babysit to meet the family. I am sure you know all of this. =) I just got too into explaining. *Source* My 14 yr old mind that has been trained by "Safe Sitter program"