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under water of sootopolis city

Relicanth is a rare (ultra rare ) fish Pokemon found only under water at route 124 or route 126. you need to know dive. have a lot of dive balls with you.

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Q: Where do you find relicanth?
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Were do you find relicanth?

you find relicanth by mosdeep city.

Where do you find relicanth in Pokemon black?

You can find relicanth on route 4

How do you get Relicanth in sapphire?

you will find relicanth underground under sotopolis city (note relicanth is super rare it will take for ever to find

Where to get a Relicanth on Pokรฉmon Emerald?

You can find Relicanth underwater, but they are rare.

Is Relicanth or Volbeat harder to find in Emerald?

relicanth for sure.

Where is Relicanth in Emerald?

stay close to sootopoolis entrance and you'll find relicanth eventaualy

How and where do you catch relicanth on Pokemon sapphire?

You find relicanth underwater near sootopolis city.

Can Relicanth be found using a Super Rod in Ruby?

RelicanthNot likely; you have to Dive Underwater to find Relicanth in the seaweed in Ruby.

Where to find relicanth?

You can find Relicanth underwater ner Sootopolis City and Route 127 Good Luck Finding One! ;)

How do you find a Relicanth in emerald?

You find a Relicanth in emerald by diving in water near Sotopolis City since a Relicanth is a fish. Specifically the creature can be found in either route 124 or 126 in the weeds. Since it is a rare creature it may be difficult to find.

What trainer has a Relicanth in ruby?

No trainer in the game has relicanth in ruby but you can find it around sootopolis city underwater.

How do you find Relicanth in sapphire?

You can find a relicanth under the sea by sootopolish city or again under the sea on the way to mossdeep city and relicanth's are very hard to find unless u have sweet scent or white flute but it dose take a lot of time to get

How do you find relicanth and wailord quickly in Sapphire?

Train a wailmer for wailord, relicanth has to be found underwater no other way.

Where do you catch relicanth in emerald?

you find it underwater

In Pokemon sapphire where do you find relicanth?


How do you get a relicanth in Pokemon ruby?

Dive somewhere on the sea routes and in the grass down there you can sometimes find relicanth along with clampearl.

Easest way to catch a relicanth on Pokemon ruby?

Just dive underwater and find grass where relicanth is and use sweet scent.

Where can you find a relicanth in Pokemon Sapphire?

near sootopolist

Do you have to go Underwater to find Relicanth in Ruby?


If you kill a relicanth could you find another?


Where do you find relicanth on Pokemon platinum?

you can get relicanth by using a super rod in the water to the right of the survival area its your chances of getting one is about 50%

Where do you find relicanth in Pokemon White.?

u go to route four and go to ur left and there should be a pond that u fish in there is relicanth

What do you need to get to find all the regis?

you need a relicanth and a wailord

Does Relicanth evolve?

No, Relicanth does not evolve.

Where can you find relicanth on Pokemon emerald?

Relicanth, a Pokemon essential for obtaining The legendary Golems, can be found underwater, just outside of the entrance to Sootopolis. Its pretty rare.