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Q: Where do you find sir Weston in Luigi's mansion?
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How do you find king boo?

If your talking about Luigi's mansion then you have to have caught the ghost artist Vincent van gore (a parody of Vincent Van Goh) on the 3rd floor first small wooden hallway and if you can't get to him because you need a key, go capture sir Weston in the B1 (where King boo is also located).

Who was sentenced alongside Anne Boleyn?

George Boleyn-her brother Sir Francis Weston Mark Smeaton Sir Henry Norris Sir William Brereton

The island off Warkworth on which Sir George Grey lived and built a mansion house?

Kawau Island

When was kensington palace built?

The original two-storey Jacobean mansion was built by Sir George Coppin... in 1605.

Does Sir Elton have a home in Ontario Canada?

No- he owns properties in Venice, London, Atlanta and a mansion in the English county of Berkshire, but has no home in Canada.

Which celebrities live on st georges hill in weybridge?

Sir Tom Jones, Sir Elton John, Sir Cliff Richard, Sue Barker, Eric Sykes, Keith Alexander Cozens, Theo Paphetos, John TerryJohn Lennon once owned a mansion there.

Where do you find Sir Gawain and Sir Cador on Astro Knights island?

Sir Gawain is on the Ice Planet and Sir Cador is on the Jungle Planet.

What was sir galahad goal of the quest?

Sir Galahad's quest was to find the holy grail

Did sir Walter Raleigh find Roanoke island?

Sir Walter Raleigh did not find Roanoke Island.

Why did sir john Franklin explore?

sir john Franklin explored to find the north west passage and did find it after a couple expeditions

What was the goal of Sir Galahad's quest?

Sir Galahad's quest was to find the holy grail

What was the goal of sir Galahads quest?

Sir Galahad's quest was to find the holy grail

What did sir Francis Drake find where he explored?

Sir Francis found goldand silver.

An island off warkworthon whichsir george grey lived and a mansion house?

Kawau Island, off Warkworth, is one of the larger islands that make up the Hauraki Gulf. Kawau Island was purchased by Sir George Grey in 1862. The island remains mostly private, excluding the 10-percent which is owned by the Department of Conservation, which includes the famous Mansion House in Mansion House Bay.

Who did sir francis drake find on his journeys?

Sir Francis drake start his journey in Europe

What did sir Walter Raleigh hope to discover?

sir walter raleigh hoped to find wealth.

What did sir francis drake hope to find?

interesting thing about sir francis drake voyages

What rhymes with kind sir?

find her

Did sir William Johnson find johnstown?


Where is sir vant's room on Rune Scape?

sir vant's room is in the white knights castle look on the west and you will find sir vant in the room.

What were the reason for sir francis drake voyages?

The reason for sir Francis Drake's voyage was to find gold

Where did sir francis drake find tomatoes?

when did Sir Frances Drake bring back tomatoes and potaoes

Why did Sir Humphrey Gilbert explore?

to find land for the Queen

Where to find sir lancer in adventure quest?

You gotta talk to twilly and you will find them

What was the purpose for sir francis drakes exploration?

Sir Francis Drake's purpose for exploration was to find gold and riches.