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Where do you find surf on Pokemon Diamond?

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well after you beat maylene in a gym battle somewhere cynthia will give you a medicine to heal the psyducks near a restaurant that sells momoo milk.After healing them cynthia will give youan old charm or something to deliver it to her grandma in celestic town.after you arrive at celestic town in the south there an old woman maybe she'll talk to you,beat the galactic grunt blocking the ruins(the ruins have pictures of dialga and palkia) after you beat the grunt,go inside the ruins and press a when your infront a picture at the end of the ruins then the old woman will give you surf that cynthia wont be needing(because she's the champion in the pokemon league).

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In Pokemon diamond where do you find magikarp?

Magikarp will be in the water if you have surf

How do you get to Canacalve city in Pokemon diamond?

You need SURF! you get it when you defeat Fantina. Not really! you need to find surf! You need SURF! you get it when you defeat Fantina. Not really! you need to find surf!

Where do you find surf in Pokemon diamond?

the old woman in celestic town gives it to you i think

How do you surf fast on Pokemon Diamond?

You can't. There is only one speed to the "Surf" on Diamond/Pearl.

Where do you find tentacool in Pokemon diamond?

Use Surf on Route 205 and you'll easily find a Tentacool.

Find surf in Pokemon Diamond?

HM03 Surf can be received at Celestic Town from the elder. She will give it to you after you press A on the pictures inside the ruins.

What Pokemon can learn surf in diamond?

almost every single water Pokemon can learn surf.

Where to find a Gyarados in Pokemon diamond?

fish or surf on water but if that doesn't work evolve your magicarp

In pokemon diamond where do you find surf?

If you go to Celestic Town and go into that shrine place, it should be there.

Can you battle cressiela while fishing in Pokemon diamond?

No but you can find her by using surf or going on grass.

How do you find a Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You walk into tall grass. Walk into cave areas. Surf on the water. In certain buildings.

In Pokemon diamond can loppuny lern surf?


How do you get to Celestic city in Pokemon Diamond?

with surf

Where do you get surf on Pokemon diamond?

3rd gym

In Pokemon diamond how do you get to the flower patch?

surf there

Where do you find azurill on Pokemon diamond?

You can find it in the safari game or if you use surf and swim around in the water but it is not that usual to find it swimming.

Where do you find the hm surf on Pokemon diamond?

cynthias grand mother will give it to you after you save there village from a bomb

Where do you get surf in Pokemon Diamond?

at route 223 dip

Where do you get the hm surf in Pokemon diamond?

Celestic Town

Where to get surf in Pokemon diamond?

beat crasher wave

What HM do you get after fly on Pokemon diamond?

its suppose to be surf

In Pokemon diamond where do you get surf?

After you give the Old Charm to the lady in Celestic Town you get Surf

Is it possible to make the move surf on Pokemon diamond unlimited?

surf is a hm. It is unlimited.

Where do you find surf in diamond?

in your brain

How do you get to the sixth gym leader in Pokemon diamond?

One of your Pokemon has to learn surf.