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Where do you find the EGR on a 1990 Acura Integra?


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== == == == == == == == I have a 1991 and the Haynes manual only shows the removal/installation of the EGR valve on the Legend models. What I find odd though is that there is an EGR part for the 90 - 93 Integra and it's not cheap. The only thing that the manual says is that you should refer to your VECI label located under the hood to see if your vehicle has an EGR valve. All other illustrations are shown from a Legend.


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I was informed by carl a tech at honaccurate, a reputable shop in boulder,CO that 94 acura integra does not have an EGR valve.

no the do not but some gaskets kits will come wit a egr gasket

that is not safe for you engine go buy a new one.

the EGR valve is just under the distributor cap

this problem may be caused by a sensor that may be off range. have your tps,maf,map sensors check . also check egr and vacuum system.(pcv)

1990 -1993 injected Festivas do not have a EGR valve

no they dont. the older ones did.

Sounds like it is your EGR Valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation). There are clean kits for these valves. When the EGR Valve is going bad your engine rpms will sometimes vary as much as 1 gran up and down. At least it does it on my 91 Acura Integra RS 5-Speed. New they are anywhere from $157 - $225. Pretty easy to replace. Most of the kids I know that have the B18A engine replaced the EGR with a Delete kit. I have not been able to find one yet. The worst part is when the engine stalls it is sometimes hard to restart unless it sits for about 5 minutes and other thing I hated when you are on a hill sometimes would stall out.... Hope this has helped you Pat Wilke

How long can you drive before getting your egr valve repaired on 1999 acura cl?

That's your EGR valve flow is insufficient. Replace the EGR valve.

egr, low flow problem.clean out egr and tube, of carbon.

The 1990 Plymouth EGR valve is located on the outside of the air cleaner housing. The EGR valve can be found on the back side of the housing.

There is no egr valve on a 1990 Mazda MPV 6 cylinder

Pretty sure they didn't make corvettes in 1900. Maybe in 1990.

It will be anywhere from 100 - 200 us$

acura has a good suspension and honda has a good exaust.The difference between the kits is that acura has a good speed and honda has a good power.

the egr valve is on the engine, usually on the top near the air filter

. unbolt upper intake and remove along with throttle body egr valve hans on electronic pkug on top remove that then unbolt egr vavle from lower intake

The EGR valve is on top of the engine. It is mounted on the drivers side towards the rear.

egr valve is located approx 1 foot left of centerline when facing the car and has large paperclip looking device on top

The EGR ( exhaust gas recirculation ) valve is located behind the throttle body on the passenger side.

The EGR valve is located on the intake manifold right at the rear passenger side corner of the cylinder head. It has both vacuum and electrical connections to it. Also identifiable as having a long vacuum hose running from the EGR valve directly to the EGR control unit which is a large black box mounted to the firewall behind the ABS pump.

The EGR position sensor is located on top of the EGR valve. Has an electrical connector attached.

im not sure on a 1990 but on my 93 civic ex 1.6 vtec the PVC valve is on the intake right under the fuel rail

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