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You can find the Poke Flute in the Pokemon Tower. After you free Mr. Fuji, he will give you the Poke Flute.

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Where can you find poke-flute in Pokemon Red?

The Pokeflute is obtained from Mr. Fuji in Lavender Town.

Is the poke flute the same as the blue flute in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The Poke Flute wakes up sleeping Pokemon, and was a key item in Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, and LeafGreen. It could be used in or out of battle. The Blue Flute, however, as far as I can tell, only wakes up one Pokemon. I hope this helped.

How can you wake up Snorlax in Pokemon fire red version?

get the poke flute after getting through the Pokemon tower and saving Mr. Fugi (i think that's his name) then talk to him in his house to get the poke flute then go "talk" to a snorlax and play the poke flute and he will wake up (he is level 30)

Where do you get the flute for Pokemon Red version?

To obtain the Poke Flute in Pokemon Red version, you must rescue Mr. Fuji from the top of Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. (Beware though, Team Rocket and Giovanni get involved.) After being rescued, Mr. Fuji will return to his house at the foot of Pokemon Tower. Visit him and he will thank you properly by giving you the Poke Flute.

Where do you get the poke flute in Pokemon Red?

Save Mr. Fujii in the ghost tower in Lavender Town.

How do you get to west of lavender in Pokemon Red?

you will need to have Poke Flute to awaken the sleeping Snorlax who is blocking the way.

What purpose do the flutes have in Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver ans what kind of flutes are there?

Poke Flute Just a radio channel that only Kant uses Black Flute Repels wild Pokemon White Flute Attracts wild Pokemon Blue Flute Awakens a sleeping Pokemon Yellow Flute Snaps a Pokemon out of Confusion Red Flute Snaps a Pokemon out of Infatuation

In fire red how do you move the big Pokemon in route 12?

you have to get a poke flute and then you'll be able to wake it up and catch. its a snorlax

What does the red flute do in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The red flute snaps Pokemon out of infatuation if the Pokemon was attacked by an attack like Attract.

Where can you get quick claw in Pokemon Fire Red?

you will find it in the safari zone, in a poke ball.

How do you get in to celadon city in Pokemon Red?

When you get in Lavender Town, go west and you will find a tunnel. That tunnel leads to the Celadon City. You will only get the silph scope and finish the gym there then go back to Lavender to get the Poke Flute.

What do all of the flutes do?

Main FlutesBlack Flute- Decreases the amount of Pokemon found in the wild.White Flute- Increases the amount of Pokemon found in the wild.Blue Flute/ Poke Flute- Awakens sleeping Pokemon.Red Flute- Snaps Pokemon out of infatuation.Yellow Flute- Snaps Pokemon out of confusion.Other FlutesDPPt: Azure Flute- When played at the summit of Mt. Coronet, a staircase will appear leading to the Hall of Origin*. Event item.Pokemon Colosseum: Time Flute- One use items given to the player three times. It calls Celebi to have it completely purify a Shadow Pokemon*.

What are the flute colors in Pokemon sapphire?

Blue Flute- Awakens Pokemon Red Flute- Gets rid of infatuation Yellow Flute- Clears confusion Black Flute- Repels wild Pokemon White Flute- Attracts wild Pokemon And that's it.

Where is the poke flute on heartgold?

The Poke Flute is a radio station you can get after you receive the EXPN Card from the Kanto Radio Station in Lavender Town.To access the Poke Flute station, go to your radio and move the receiver icon to the top middle area.to get the red flute go to the lake of rage and to the west if it's not there it's in one of the poke balls around the lake of rage

What do you do when im in saffaron city in Pokemon fire red?

you go into the silph company but you have to beat lavender city, get the poke flute, and beat giovoni in the team rocket's hideout

How can you make the sleeping S norlax out of your way in Pokemon fire red?

Use a poke Flute when standing right next to it, it will wake up and then fight you (you have a chance in capturing it).

How do you catch Snorlax in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Whenever you make it to the Kanto region and the Snorlax is blocking the road like in red and blue, you have to have the updated Radio on your Poke gear (You can get that in Lavender Town) and manually find the poke flute station somewhere in the top of the signals and then talk to Snorlax. He should wake up and from there you can catch him.

Where to go next after finishing lavender town in Pokemon fire red?

After finishing Lavender Town and getting the Poke Flute you can now enter Fuchsia City in Pokémon FireRed. To get to Fuchsia City you need to wake a Snorlax blocking the way on Route 12 or Route 16 using the Poke Flute.

How to wake up snowlax in Pokemon Red?

You go to Lavender Town and travel to the top of the Pokemon Cemetery. At the top you will encounter a Marowak. Defeat it and there is a woman who gives you a Poke Flute. With it you go to the sleeping Pokemon and play it. It will wake it up and begin a battle with you.

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