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Go the the front of the car, on the passenger side, in front of the valve cover there should be some numbers stamped on the block there. It is on a small flat area and if your engine is dirty, you will need to so some cleaing to be able to read them. This number can be translated into what engine block is in your car now. You can see an example of the serial number location here. It is just above where the water pump is bolted to the engine block. Carl King

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How can you tell if the engine in a 1965 impala is the original?

you can only tell by the serial number on the engine and a decode book.

How do you find out if a 1963 Impala is an SS?

the first 3 numbers in the serial number will tell you, I don't know what the numbers are for a 63 impala but I have a 67 chevelle ss and the first 3 numbers are 138 for a ss model.

Is there a chart for wheeler and Wilson serial numbers to determine the year it was made?


When selling a Corvette what do sellers mean when they state numbers match?

The Engine Serial Numbers Must Match The Serial Numbers on the ID Plate of the car......... Also the transmission and differential are serial numbered as well as the engine. The numbers matching refers to those numbers matching the original build sheet on that particular car.

Where are the serial numbers on the engine of a 71 Monte Carlo?

your serial number is on the back of the engine block on the side facing the fire wall

How do you find out what your 1996 vortec engine came out of with the engine serial numbers of 10243878?

By running the vins and serial numbers on the VORTEC engine its self and going to the DMV you might have to pay them $50 but it will give you basically all the information on it! (:

How can i run the serial numbers on a delkron engine case?

Dkw 710329

Where can you search ford motor serial numbers?

I have a generator that has a ford engine in it i want to find out what size of engine it is

What do the Suzuki gsxr engine serial numbers mean?

What year and disploacement is engine code: N714-105889

Where is the engine serial number on an xk8?

The last six(6) numbers of the VIN.

What engine on a vw is serial number 5563793?

There will be a two letter designation in front of those numbers that will pinpoint the engine.

What are the last 6 numbers on a VW engine serial number?

The numbers vary from one engine to the next. Varies with model year and displacement and European or US.

How long is a 1966 Chevy Impala 4 door?

A1966 Chevy Impala 4-door is 213.2-inches. It is 79.6-inches wide. Serial Numbers were stamped on a plate on the left front door hinge pillar.

How can you determine the age of your 410 cabiler bolt action shotgun with no brand or numbers on it?

guns made in 1950 to 1960's had no serial numbers.

How do you determine original colt pistol serial numbers?

Go Here... Regards

Model t serial numbers where are they located?

The serial number on the engine would also be the vehicle identification number. Keep in mind the engine may have been swapped out during the cars lifetime. The engine serial number is located over the water inlet on the driver's side of the engine block.

What year is evinrude serial e0005067?

Evinrude outboards requires the model number to determine the year of the engine.

How do you determine what model of Sears Riding Mower?

There should be a model and serial number plate or sticker located either on the frame or under the seat. The engine also has a serial number and model on he base of the engine .

How do you determine Year and date of Winchester m1 garand?

Just put the serial number on here and I can give you the info because I have a book that tells the serial numbers.

Can you find your Yamaha serial number by your engine number?

No, the serial number on the engine is totally different from the VIN number on the frame. The only info you can get from your engine number is date and origin of manufacture. The frame VIN number and engine numbers are always different.

What year is Johnson boat motor serial number 2307831?

Johnson outboards uses the engine model number to determine the year model of the engine.

Where are the engine block serial numbers located on the ford f550 6.4 powerstroke?

The engine serial number is located on the left rear corner of the crank case on a half moon machined surface.

Where are the engine block serial numbers located on the ford 352ci engine?

It is on the back of the block to the right of the oil pressure sending unit, if you are looking from the front of the engine to the back of the engine.

How do you determine AAON tonnage by serial number?

you don't, it's in the model number. the first 2 numbers are the tonnage

Where do you find a list of serial numbers for SKB shotguns to determine age?

Try Blue Book of Gun Values

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