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you go to the cerulean gym by the floaties on the left after take it back to power plant

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Where do you get zapdos in Pokemon Silver?

you can find zapdos in the power plant.

Where to find power plant in Pokemon silver?

The Power Plant is on Route 10, east of Cerulean City. You need Surf to get there.

Where do you find Mew in Pokemon Silver?

you find mew at the power plant after 21 bagges

In Pokemon soul silver were do you get the power plant generator?

In cerulean city. There will be a team rocket grunt who says it's in the gym beat him. You have to use surf in the gym. The generator is in the lawn chair on the left wall of the gym. If it is not, use the dowsing machine and find it.

Where do you find the generator part in soul silver?

after beating the gym leader misty, go down the stairs of the gym, go left and press A on the rubber rings, this is where the machine part is for the power plant.

Where can you find Zapdos in Pokemon Silver?

i think if you go into the kanto region you find it in the power plant

What do you do After you fix the generator in Pokemon Silver?

You find the next generator and fix that one.

Where do you find the generator part on Pokemon heart gold for the power plant?

Go to the gym where misty is at then go to the golden bridge and then on and on

Where do you find electobuzz in Pokemon Blue?

You can't, you have to trade from Red, Gold Silver, or Crystal. Red is inside power plant. The others are outside power plant.

How do you find Zapdos in Pokemon Silver?

You cannot find Zapdos in Pokémon Silver however it can be found near the Power Plant in the Kanto region in Pokémon SoulSilver.

How do you fix the power plant in Pokemon Silver?

find the miss part of the machine. It is in the center of Misty's gym.

How do you find Zapdos in soul silver?

You find Zapdos after you get all 16 badges. It will be at the front of the power plant in Kanto. It will be Lv. 50.

Where do you find the Power Plant in soul silver?

The Power plant has and always will be ONLY in Kanto, So you cannot get Zapados until you have beaten all the gyms and the elite four, There is no Power Plant in Jhoto so you must wait till you get to Kanto.

How do you repair the power plant in soul silver?

You need to find the Power Plant parts. You can find them by facing off against a rocket grunt in the cerulean gym, and one on the bridge leading off to the Cerulean Cape. Then you will find the Power Plant part in the top left part of the gym inside a pile of Inner Tubes.

Where do you find Zapdos in soul silver?

outside of the power plant in Kanto after you have goten all 16 gym badges.

Where do you find a voltorb on soul silver?

One can find Voltorb on Route 10, in the grass in front of the power plant at approximately Lv.17.

Where can I find information that compares a gas generator versus an electric generator?

A gas generator generates electricity and can be used as a backup in a power outage. I am not certain what you mean by an electric generator. If there was a power outage, how would an electric generator work?

How do you find the generator in the Cerulean gym in HeartGold?

You have to look near all the floaties in the Cerulean gym and then once youfind it take it back to the power plant

How do you get power plant working on Pokemon silver?

Find the missing part in Cerulean City's gym. It is in the middle of the gym in the water.

How do you find the legendary pokemon in soul silver?

you have to look in places where a legendary might live (example: Zapdos=power plant)

Where do you find an elctrabuzz on soul silver?

you can find electabuzz in the grass beside the power plant in kanto region note most of the time it will be a raticate that appears

How do find zapos in the power plant?

If you get to the end of the power plant zapdos will be there.

Where do you find the guy who stole the new generator for the power plant on Pokemon Silver?

After you talk to the power plant engineer, go to Misty's gym and you'll find him. He hide it in the gym's water, as soon as you enter go straight and start touching A on the water from the land and you'll find it. Anyway, if you go from Misty's gym upwards after you see him you'll fight him and tell you that after you've won. Then you can go to Bill's house that way and you'll find Misty and make her go back to her gym so that you can fight against her and win the badge.

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