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Q: Where do you find the next item in silent hill 2?
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Is silent hill one a good game?

Silent Hill is a good game. And its a real place,because once there was a girl named Brooke Smith she was my best friend.Then she moved to West Virgina and told me she was going to silent hill.So she went to silent hill and showed me on video chat there,next thing you know you see a zombie behind her.

How does bidding work during a silent auction?

Silent auctions are really good. Items are usually on display on tables with item numbers assigned to them. If someone wants to make a bid then they write down their name on the list next to each item.

Where do you find the axe in silent hill - homecoming?

After finding Joey Bartlett's watch at Roseheights Cemetary, you end up in Silent Hill. When you walk further in town you will see the Grand Hotel, the hotel is boarded up so there's no getting in. Across the hotel is an alley (Beware as there is a Smog in the alley) drop down off the ledge and get under the fire truck and you will find the axe laying next to a dead body

How do you search for silent auctions and with which search engines?

== == I guess google would be the best help for you. Try seaching for unrevealed bid auctions, or reverse auction. Silent auctions for which item is the next question i have to ask?

Why won't Kingdom Hearts 2 save when you comlete the game?

They only save after the game if you get a special extra item next time you play it. Like in Silent Hill, for example, if you beat it once, it saves it, and you get a special weapon. Kingdom Hearts 2 doesn't have anything extra to give you. Sorry....T.T

How do you find out if a Pokemon has a held item in Pokemon fire red?

Well to find out if a certain Pokemon has a held item you must first put the Pokemon into your party. Next you should check your party and if the Pokemon has a yellowish square/icon next to it it should have a held item.

When is the silent hill sequel coming out?

If you mean when does the sequel to the film come out, I think it comes out some time toward the end of next year. If you mean the game, it comes out in November, I believe.

What is it that causes humans to keep moving always wanting to find out What is beyond the next hill?


Find the next item in each pattern march may July?

September, November, January

How long is silent hill homecoming?

well that depends on how much you play. the game is plit into 2 parts its still on 1 disc but .... tutorial.... part 1 sheperds glen there are 2 bosses in sheperds glen first boss is the Sepulcher second boss is Scarlet with gameplay and puzzles in between them then the next part... part 2 silent hill there are 2 more bosses in silent hill then the game is complete so the third boss is called Asphyxia then gameplay and puzzles then fouth and final boss is Amnion.

Where is Maple Hill in Maplestory?

Maple Hill was the 5th anniversary of Maplestory. The event is gone, and so is Maple Hill. But they may re-open it on the next anniversary. And when they do, just find a Dimensional Portal at any town, and click on the icon to go to Maple Hill.

When was Over the Next Hill created?

Over the Next Hill was created on -20-04-03.

How can you say doubt is it b silent?

Yes, the b is silent. See related link and click on the bar next to the musical note.Yes, the b is silent. See related link and click on the bar next to the musical note.Yes, the b is silent. See related link and click on the bar next to the musical note.Yes, the b is silent. See related link and click on the bar next to the musical note.

In naruto un4 Where is the scroll kankuro asks you to find?

Its either in the forest of death or next to the big hill in the desert

What does an item next to a menu item indicate?


Who is the one who sings the song as you lay next to you in silent facility?

The song title is "Silent Lucidity" and the artist is Queensryche

Where do you pay if you are a member in Club Penguin?

When you buy an item as a member, you look for the item you want in the catelog. You can usually find it in the corner of your screen when your in a room where you can buy stuff. When you see an item you want you click on it or you can click the BUY button that may be below it or above it. Once you did so, the catelog will ask you if you are sure you want this item. You can say YES or NO. Finally, you will find the item you bought in your invitory when you click on yourself or on the star button on the bottom of the screen. When you do, click the file bump sticking out of your player card with an arrow on it. Click up or down to find your item. Next, you can click on the item to wear it or use it the way it is made to use. GOODLUCK! :)

Is Bunker Hill the biggest hill?

no the battle of bunker hill was not even fought on bunker hill it was fought on the hill next to it but bunker hill was more famous so they called it "The Battle of Bunker Hill"

How do you find the broken antnna on club penguin?

go to the Ski Hill and stand right next to the pole. Then your phone will start to blink and will show what you then have to do.

How do you give an item to someone on World of Warcraft?

Find the player you are interested in giving the item to, right click their portrait (which should be at the top of your screen, next to your portrait) and select trade. Put the item in the trade window and click Trade in the lower right corner of the trade window.

Where do find the Foghorn in how to train a dragon wii?

Where the sheep are in the village, well go to where you find the dragons, and then there will be a thin hill. Go up the tiny, thin hill, and you'll see a man next to a ladder. Go up that ladder, and there will be another ladder. There you will find the fog horn. Press A to use it. Is that a good enough answer you ?#$*&

Do you say an item or a item she will release her grasp on a item or an item which is correct grammar?

Always use an if the next word starts with a vowel sound, so the answer is an item, because item starts with the sound of i, a vowel.

When is the next series of Silent Witness appearing on our screens in the UK?

Series 15 of Silent Witness starts late 2011/ early 2012

How do you turn a orange rio phone on silent?

you can only set it on silent for texts, not calls. just press the button next to the lock one.

How do you delete an individual item from the office clipboard in word 10?

click the arrow next to the item, then choose the item you want to delete