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Where do you find the oxygen sensor on a 2001 Eclipse GS?


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2009-01-08 18:46:01
2009-01-08 18:46:01

Depending on if you have a Cali Spec eclipse or a Fed. Spec eclipse, If you have a Federal Spec. you only have an oxygen sensor before the cat and right after the cat. and you won't have one in the header.


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You can find them in the exhaust pipe. Depending on engine size you might have anywhere from 2 to 4 oxygen sensors.

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Upstream Oxygen Sensor heater performance. That will be the first oxygen sensor in the exhaust pipe ( closest to the engine ) on the passenger side head. You need to check the wireing connector that hooks to the oxygen sensor for a broken wire are bad connection. If you find no problems, then replace oxygen sensor.

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Have you check the manifold? There should be one at the manifold and one at the catalyc! Hope you find it!

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Find your Sensor, un-screw it 7/8 the wrench usually. Un-hook the electrical cable. Screw in the new Sensor then hook up the electrical cable...

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The 1988 Toyota oxygen sensor is located on the air cleaner housing. You will find the sensor, on the back side of the housing.

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