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The sun stone is where edison's workshop is at,press the wheel thing at the end of the place it will take u 2 the tree junp on it and there is a chimmey and jump on it and u will find it

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How do you get the sunstone piece on Poptropica?

It is on Thomas Edison's roof.

Where is the sunstone in Poptropica?

on thomas edison's roof

Where is the peice of the sunstone on poptropica?

it is in Edison's workshop on the chimney

Where is the sunstone on Poptropica?

the sunstone is on top of the building that has the bike you get on the bike make it move to the end and then jump o the tree till you get to the top

How do you find the other part of the sunstone in poptropica time tangled island?

ask the guard in ancient greece.(when you get the mask).(the tiger mask).

Where is the sunstone on the game poptropica?

on the chimmney on the time tangled island of the decleration of indipendence.

Where to find sunstone?

You can buy a sunstone from the pokeathlon shop inside of the pokeathlon dome

Where do you find the sunstone on firered?

the only sunstone is on R/S/E not FR and LG.

Where can you find the piece of gregs diary poptropica?

In gregs room

Poptropica where do you find the sunpiece?

at edison's workshop. go all the way to the left and press the target thing on the big bike. the bike will go over to a tree. jump on it and jump on the tree branches one at a time. when you are on the top jump as far as you can and the sunstone piece will be on the other chimney

Where do you find the second map piece in wild west in poptropica?

you die

How do you get the first map piece for Poptropica?

You need to be more specific. Several islands on Poptropica require you to find a map.

Where to find the sunstone?

you get it at the space center in mossdeep.

Where do you find bolosom on Pokemon Sapphire?

you just need a gloom and a sunstone use the sunstone on your gloom and walla you have a bellosom

Where is the second piece of candy on Poptropica early Poptropica island?

There is no piece of candy.

Where is the sunstone peice in poptropica?

1877 get on the car thingy click the motor wait then jump to the roof the second chimney.

Where do you find sunstone in Pokemon Pearl?

You find sun stone underground!

Were is the sunstone on Poptropica?

in 1877 get on the bike, press the moter when you get to the tree jump on it and go to the chiminy (there are two).heather, age 10

Where do you find the treasure map piece on bouffant bay on poptropica?

You find it in the middle handing flower pot on the right

Where do you find a sunstone in Pokemon Black and White?

It is in Chargestone Cave

How do you do hieroglyphic on Poptropica?

Well on Shark Tooth you actually have to find the a piece of paper and it has the translatating thing.

What item do you find in 1877 ad in poptropica?

The Missing sun rock piece for the Aztec kingdom

How do you find the last piece of paper in poptropica in counterfeit island?

It is in the tunnel when your taking your tour ,but it is hard to get.

Where do you find a Bellossom in Pokemon HeartGold?

Catch a Gloom, then give it a Sunstone.

What does the sunstone evolve in Pokemon black?

Cottonee -> (Sunstone) Whimsicott

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