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there is no pokeflute in heart gold. to wake up snorlax use the pokeflute channel on the radio

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Where do you find the pokeflute on Pokemon HeartGold?

You dont, you go to the radio tower in kanto and get the pokeflute sound on ur radio

How do you get a pokeflute on Pokemon HeartGold?

you dont get the pokeflute you use the pokegears radio once you can in kanto and tune it to the pokeflute channel

How do find the pokeflute in Pokemon heartgold?

After you fix the Power Plant, go to Lavender Town and the dude in the brown suit and hat will thank you and download the Pokeflute on your Pokegear.

Where to get pokeflute in Pokemon HeartGold?

You don't get the actual Pokeflute, but you can play Pokeflute music on your radio after you have upgraded it at the Radio Tower in Lavender Town.

What do you do with the flute on Pokemon HeartGold?

The PokeFlute is used to awaken Snorlax.

What city do you get the pokeflute in Pokemon HeartGold?

You do not receive the pokeflute in Pokemon heartgold. After you get the machine part in misty's gym and returned it to the powerplant you can get the kanto expansion card for your pokegear radio at laventer town radio tower. The pokeflute station is near the top

In Pokemon heartgold where do you find the flute to wake up Snorlax?

its one of the radio stations in your pokegear. it says pokeflute

How do you move Snorlax on Pokemon HeartGold?

You must use the pokeflute on the radio.

How do you listen to the pokeflute on Pokemon HeartGold?

you put the circle in the top middle of the circle

Where do you get the poke flute on pokemon heartgold?

You don't get a pokeflute. It is an option on the kanto radio receptor.

How do you get pokeflute on pokeomon heartgold?

The pokeflute doesn't exist in your radio you can tune into a pokeflute channel.

How do you get the pokeflute app in Pokemon HeartGold?

its not an app you just get the pokegear go to the radio and near the top you go to the top and it will play the pokeflute hope it helped :)

How to get the pokeflute Pokemon HeartGold?

hi chris here your not suppost to get the pokeflute use the radeo it can play pokeflute music to get kanto radeo stations talk to evryone in the 1st floor of the radeo tower.

In Pokemon HeartGold what channel is the pokeflute on?

Move the radio dot all the way to the top of the circle

How do you get the pokeflute to wake up the snorelax on Pokemon heartgold?

Uhm, go to the radio to get it, just talk to one of the people there and he will give you something new in the music, which is a Pokeflute.

Where do you get the pokeflute in Pokemon HeartGold?

To get the pokeflute in Pokemon heartgold, simply go to the radio tower in lavender town and there should be a man in in the back siting down, talk to him, and he wil give it to you. then all you have to do is go to snorlax, set your radio thingy to the top and talk to snorlax! have fun!

How do you get past the Snorlax in Pokemon HeartGold?

Use a Pokeflute to wake it up and then u can catch it or run away from it!

How do you wake up Snorlax in Pokemon leaf green?

use the pokeflute but if ur in heartgold or soulsilver, move the dot on ur radio to the top of the circle (pokeflute channel)

On the new Pokemon HeartGold where is the poke flute?

You do not get a pokeflute,as in the original gold and silver games you get an upgrade for your radiocard at the kanto radiostation in lavendar town and tht has the pokeflute music on it

Where do you find the pokeflute?

you have to rescue Mr. Fuji in the Pokemon tower and you will follow him into his house there he will give you the pokeflute

How do you find the pokeflute with the itemfinder in Pokemon Yellow?

You can't do that mr fuji gives the pokeflute to you not the itemfinder.

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