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Look on the barrel and receiver.

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You will have to contact Marlin to find out.

You will have to contact Marlin to find out.

I am trying to find out the age of a marlin 25 mn, yet i cannot seem to find a breakdown for the serial number. Can you help?

I, too, have been trying to find out about the Marlin 30-30 Model 30AW and I discovered that the Model 30AW is the low priced version of the Model 336. (Very disappointing to pay $400 for a gun to find out it is a "low priced version".) Anyway, here is a link to the owners manual I found: It appears to be the same gun that I purchased.

No way of knowing without you providing a serial number to find the year of production of your Marlin model 39A.

The serial number should be on the lower tang, under the lever. Open the lever and look where it meets the tang.

Serial numbers were not required before 1968. Try looking on the receiver.

The Wikipedia site for marlin 336 rifles includes a table showing how to use the serial number to find date of manufacture.

Left side under the rear site. That's where it is on my 99M1.

The last Marlin I can find records for is serial # 355300 which was made in 1906 so I'm guessing yours was made around 1910 or so.

By also providing the serial number in your question.

you need to find the serial number, then do a web. search for the gun maker, or others who have done the homework for you.

they didn't have a serial number.they were made in 1959-1965. that was before the control law of 1968 was pass.

The Marlin model 70P (Papoose) was made from 1986-1994.With out a serial number it would not be possible to say the exact year of production.

Almost, the stock has to be removed to locate the serial number. With the stock removed, hold the rifle so that you can read "+ Marlin No. 18 +" behind the hammer, then tilt the rifle 90 degrees and the serial number should be on the upper tang.

1980.The letter N prefix to your serial number indicates that your Marlin rifle was made in the year 1956.In order to be made in the year 1980,there will be no prefix letter attached ahead of the serial number.Also there would be a longer serial number than 5 digits.I hope that you find this info of interest.

This can be accomplished by providing the serial number to your Marlin model 1895 lever action 45-70 chambered rifle.

Yopu wont find a serial number anywhere, because these guns were made before the 1968 Gun Control Act which required .22 rimfire rifles to have a serial number. Prior to that many .22's didn't have serial numbers, although some makers did for their own use. Marlin only did so on lever and pump action .22's.

I have the same number on my 336-RC 35 REM, so I'm thinking that it is not the serial number. That number was stamped on the left side of the rifle just above the trigger. I have not been able to find any other numbers that look like a serial number.

This rifle was made from 1971-1988.In order to find the year of manufacture you would need to post the serial number.

Most serial numbers on lever action guns are founr under the lever. I would check there. On all firearms manufactured in the US after 1968, a unique (for the model) identifying serial number must be on the receiver. You will not find a serial number on the barrel. Marlin serializes Model 336 rifles on the upper tang behind the hammer. Early Marlin rifles were serialized on the lower tang behind the trigger before 1968, but since that is a removable part it would not satisfy federal requirements under the Gun Control Act of 1968.

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