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Where do you find the two missing spells on the game Fable?


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There is no such thing as two missing spells in FABLE. I suppose, there were two spells that were supposed to be put in, but ended up being scrapped that are included in Fable: The Lost Chapters.


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Fable: The Lost Chapters is a game for Xbox. The missing necklace of Lady Grey is supposedly in Oakvale graveyard.

No. In the first Fable game, the only town with children in it is Bowerstone. You have no access to your weapons or Will spells in the Fable 1 version of Bowerstone. You can punch them for approximately 10 damage per punch, but they will never die from it - at least, not in my experience.

A person can find magma daggers on the game Dragon Fable by digging in the pit of the volcano. Dragon Fable is a MMORPG that is free to play as of July 2013.

In Fable: The Lost Chapters, there aren't actually any classes. What there is however, is different types of weapons and spells which can change what you are. For example, a 'Witch hunter' is a hero who uses a bow with spells. So you don't specifically "choose" your class and that class only permits you using particular weapons/spells, instead you can shape your class to become Warrior, Mage etc. Classes don't matter in the game I believe they're just there to make the game more interesting. Hope this helped!

You can find the first fable at most game stores that sell new of used xbox games. If the doesnt work for you look in pawn shops or on eBay possibly.

there are a TON of weapons on fable 3. And the weapons you start off with are the Hero Hammer, Hero Riffle ,Hero Pistol, and the Hero Sword. you also have magic. the first spell is the fire ball spell. as you progress into the game you earn guild seals and if you save up you get more and more spells. You can find of buy weapons.

It is Fable II that is game of the year and it is for Xbox 360 and not PS3

Fable - video game - happened in 2004.

Fable is only for the XBox (not 360, JUST XBOX!). But note that there is Fable: The Lost Chapters for PC, which is the original XBox game, but with expanded content.

Fable I - the Lost Chapters:You buy it from any general store for like 200 gold or you can get one from the quest where you have to dig up all the missing armor peaces, you'll find a chest or something that will give you a spade.Fable II:You usually already have a spade by the beginning of the game. You find it in a chest in front of your caravan at the beginning that Theresa provides for you. If you lose it or have sold it by accident, then you can buy another one at any general store in Albion.

A fable book is a short book that is short and generally teaches a lesson. They can be found in the video game "Fable" as per part of the game.

Yes, you can find them in Aurora in the dessert.

no you can find them through out the game before completing it

Fable: A myth or story Ex: The game

The best thing you can do is look around.

The best thing you can do is look around.

Fable - video game - was created on 2004-10-08.

fable 2 is by lionhead games

If you mean where do you find Thunder when you challenge him for the right to marry Lady Gray/Grey, he is outside Bowerstone North. If you mean where do you find Thunder on Fable: The Lost Chapters when you have to get the soul of a hero, at Knothole Glade.

If you go through the game normally u will get the spells.

You are not able to.Fable is a game for the original Xbox and Fable 2 is for the Xbox 360.

You can get fable 1 for PC. Just look at any game store

Fable: The lost Chapters -> Fable II -> Fable III The Hero of Oakvale (TLC) is the ancestor of the Hero of Bowerstone (Fable II), which is the parent of the Hero of Brightwall (Fable III). There's also an online mini-game called "A Hero's Tale" with the Hero of Southcliff. This mini-game plays before Fable II and after Fable: TLC, he is also related to the Hero of Oakvale.

Fable is a free-roaming RPG game and it belongs in the genre category of Fantasy.

If your talking about the game console game "Fable" then yes there is going to be a new one. The upcoming fable game is called "Fable : The Journey" and is released on December 31st 2012. It's based on the events that happened in "Fable 3" except your their son/daughter. There's more information on some websites so search about it :) Hope i helped!!

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