Where do you find vampire bats apart from Romania?


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Vampire bats live in tropical regions. There are none in Romania.

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Perhaps in a zoo. Vampire bats are not indigenous to Romania.

Some bats are called Vampire Bats because the bats DO turn into a vampires. You often see them in Romania... Most of them. But they are all vampires...Well, some.

how does vampire bats find their food

somewhere in the world you can find vampire bats in Mexico and other places

In which two continents might you find vampire bats

you can find them in Mexico

Vampire bats are common to the tropics of Mexico, Central America, and South America. Of course you can also find them in zoos.

yes: bats are venerable there venom can tune you into a blood sucking vampire, can find them in Caves on islands

Vampire bats usually bite then lap up the blood on sleepy out grazing animals.

No. A. Romania is not a city, it is a country. B. It is not a vampire COUNTRY as vampires are purely fictional characters which do not find their place in the REAL folklore. They were introduced by force by people who do not properly understand this country's tradition and cultural heritage.

vampire bats don't normally drink human blood so no worries but usually you find vampire bats feeding on dogs , pigs and sometimes even other bats blood

vampire bats are not endangered.i luv vampire bats.People who r scared of vampire bats have all there facts wrong about vampire bats.vampire bats rarely bite people,but they do suck on animal blood.the bite doesn't even kill the animal unless the animal is small or the bite got infected. vampire bats r the best in my a wikipedia 2 find out more.

there are fruit bats and vampire bats and more if you want to find out more go to my facebook page

they suck blood off animals :)

Vampire bats find their prey by using echolocation and by detecting infrared radiation. After locating prey, they bite it with their teeth and lick the blood with their tongues.

Vampire Bats will find the highest and darkest place to live. They are willing to share their home with as many as 9 other species of bats, but they're the most dominant of them, and get the best spots for themselves.

It would be in Romania.It would be in Romania.It would be in Romania.It would be in Romania.It would be in Romania.It would be in Romania.

They will drank any blood unless it’s not good for them and they don’t drank human blood.

you can't find it in romania...

all I can find is this......... Female vampire bats give birth to a single pup after a gestation period of about seven months. I got this from

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