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Q: Where do you find wiring schemtic for electric fuel pumps and relay on a 1985 pickup Ford F-250?
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Where is the fuel pump and filter located on a 91 Toyota pickup 2.4 RE?

the Toyota's I've seen all have electric fuel pumps mounted in the fuel tanks. access is under the back seat.

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Yes...there are a bunch of aftermarket electric pumps. The biggest thing to consider is the output pressure of the pump. Most carbbed vehicles run 7-9 psi. I'd suggest putting a fuel pressure regulator on at the same time.

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You don't have to deal with gas pumps.

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Electric pumps are more efficient pushing versus pulling and the fuel cools the pump.Electric pumps are more efficient pushing versus pulling and the fuel cools the pump.

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I believe it does

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'69 Rivieras did not have an electric fuel pump. If that is what you want, there are many aftermarket electric pumps available for cars with carburetors. Try Summit or Jegs.

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A device mounted on the injection pump which is use to lift fuel from the tank to the injection system?

Electric fuel pumps

What is an example of batch production?

machine tooling,manufacturing of pumps, compressor, electric motor belt etc

How many fuel pumps are in an 06 mustang?

( 1 ) electric fuel pump inside the fuel tank