Where do you getKyoger on leaf green?

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elm is not in leaf green.

yes:marty,marty,green leaf,green leaf,red leaf,green leaf,red leaf,green IS ONLY FOR WII

The green part of the leaf is green because of the chlorophyll inside

you can't get mamoswine in Pokemon leaf green because it doesn't exist in leaf green

Yes, it is! Hence the term, green leaf?

The leaf is green because,for the chlorophyll. :)

There are alot of Pokemon in Leaf Green ( about 200).

presence of Chlorophyll in the cells of leaf reflects the green spectrum of light hence the leaf appear green.

You can't. Mew is not found on leaf green.

this 5667hg8 76h works for leaf green

you ARE ash in Pokemon leaf green

there is no timer ball in leaf green

a leaf look green in sunlight as it has green colored pigment in it. When sunlight falls on it all other colors are absorbed by the leaf as sunlight forphotosynthesis and green color is reflected to our eyes and the leaf look green to us.

A varigated leaf is a leaf that has more than one color, like green and white. a leaf that has color aside from green

Blaine is on Cinnabar Island in Leaf-Green. He is the gym leader there.

It stands for it being the green part out of green leaf and fire red. Nothing else.

A leaf is green in colour because it absorbs all others colours and reflects green.

this is not a trick question it just needs thought a dark green leaf would have more chlorophyll because chlorophyll is the substance that causes the leaf to turn green

You can't catch Igglybuff in Leaf Green. You can only see it.

Varigated is a green leaf with a yellow center.

you cant get growlithe in leaf green only fire red

You can get Pollywhirl in Pokemon Leaf Green in Virdian City.

you have to migrate them on Fire red or Leaf green you have to migrate them on Fire red or Leaf green you have to migrate them on Fire red or Leaf green

chlorophyll < lazy! the leaf is geen because of the chloroplasts. these cells make the leaf green. why is the leaf green. well the leaf is green ( or other colours ) because it is attractive and will help the plant reproduce

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