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In emerald, Feebas can be ONLY found in Route 119. Remember this: Over the 400 water tiles that can be found on that route, only 6(SIX) of them have FEEBAS. So this is my suggestion: Bring a Pokemon that knows surf/ lots of repel/ super rod(because with this, you can only encounter CARVANHA and FEEBAS) and PATIENCE.

This is how it works: fish on every tile for 5-7 times(hard but hardwork pays big time!). Now, if you've seen a feebas, even if it is male/female, catch it so that the FEEBAS CATCH RATE on that TILE will increase from 25% to 75%. If you don't want the feebas that you caught, fish on that tile again.

Hints for a MILOTIC:

Your feebas should ONLY have the MODEST,MILD, RASH and QUIET natures because this natures is the only one who favors BLUE POKEBLOCK. Blue blocks raise a Pokemon's beauty which is the one that you need to evolve feebas. Maximize its beauty and when it is full, level up or give rare candy to your feebas so that it will become a MILOTIC.

Hints for Blue Pokeblock:

Use POMTRE Berry(can be found on the Berry Master House). The higher the level and the lower the feel, the best beauty you can get.


how to evolve febas helped....but not how to find it.

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Q: Where do you get Feebas on Pokemon Emerald?
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What rare Pokemon are there on Pokemon emerald?


Where to find feebas on emerald?

Feebas is a third generation Pokemon. It can be caught by the player in Pokemon Emerald using a Fishing Rod on Route 119.

How do you find a feebas in Pokemon emerald?


Pokemon emerald how do you catch feebas?

Feebas is a Water type Pokemon introduced in the third generation games. It can be found while fishing along Route 119 in Pokemon Emerald.

What is the rarast Pokemon?

the rarest Pokemon in Ruby Sapphire and Emerald is Feebas

Where do you get feebas in Pokemon emerald?

Throughout route 119.

Where in Pokemon Emerald can you find a feebas?

From mauville to fortree cities

Were can you find a feebas in Pokemon Emerald?

in rout 114. with fishing.

How does feebas evolve in Pokemon emerald?

you have to max out feebas happines and then level it up one level :DDD

How do you catch Milotic in Pokemon Emerald?

Actually, it's impossible to catch Milotic in any Pokemon Game. But, it's possible to catch its pre-evolution, Feebas. To catch Feebas in Pokemon Emerald, there is a complicated way. But, I know that you can catch Feebas in Route 119. Hope I helped :)

How can you get feebas in Pokemon emerald?

you want catch it with the rod in rout 119.

What rod do you catch Feebas in Pokemon Emerald and if so how?

supe rod

Do you need to beat the elite four to catch a feebas in Pokemon emerald?


When does feebas evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

Feebas evolves when you have maxed out its Beauty Stat and then you level it up. If Feebas' sheen is maxed out but its Beauty isn't then it cannot evolve and it's stuck as a Feebas.

In the game Pokemon Emerald where is the Pokemon Feebas located?

Feebas appears when fishing with an old rod in route 119 (extreme rare to the max but I got him in pearl).

How do you get a febass in emerald?

You can find Feebas along route 119 in Pokemon Emerald. Feebas is often over looked similar to Magikarp due to its dull wit and unattractive appearance.

What is the chance of a feebas spawning in Pokemon emerald?

it is pretty rare, but keep on trying

Where you catch mitotic in Pokemon emerald?

You can't. You have to catch a Feebas & raise it into a Milotic.

Where can you find feebas in Pokemon emerald?

u can find feebas in 6 various places on route 119 near fortree city.

How can you catch a feebas in Pokemon emerald?

Feebas can only be caught in one place and tats the route south of Fortree, if you go onyoutube they might have it.

How do you evolve a feebas in Pokemon emerald?

Feebas evolves into miltioc with a great deal of beauty, you must give it Pokenblock's which boost the beauty stat

Where do you catch feebas on Pokemon emerald?

on rount 119 note use super rod

How do you envolve feebas in Pokemon emerald?

max out its beauty with berries then level it up and you have a milotic.

Febas in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Feebas cannot be caught in Pokemon LeafGreen. You would have to trade one from Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.

Where do you find Moltic in Pokemon Diamond?

You Have to migrate a Feebas from Pokemon Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire, Max out it's friendship and it will evolve into a Milotic,