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if you're looking for the tm's fire punch, thunder punch, ice punch, or headbutt you can find them in the golden rod dept. store

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on route 223

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Q: Where do you get TM rain dance in Pokemon diamond?
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Change TM 17 to a different move in Pokemon diamond?

I don't know what you're asking but TM17 is Rain Dance.

How do you get the rain dance TM in Pokemon pearl?

In Pokemon Pearl, the TM for Rain Dance does not occur somewhere the player can find it. Instead, they must collect ten blue shards and trade them with the mountain guy outside of Pastoria City for the TM.

In Pokemon Emerald where can you get the TM Rain Dance?

I don't remember... I lost my Pokemon Emerald Game.

Which Pokemon will learn move rain dance without TM in Pokemon platinum?

Well a blastoise knows rain dance and you don't need a Pokemon that NEEDS to straight away know the move you can really find the TM rain dance and i don't really know why you need the move rain dance because it isn't really a good move that a Pokemon should know but if you want to then i may as well help you with anything.

How do you get petal dance in Pokemon Diamond?

Petal Dance is not a TM in Diamond or Pearl. If you want to have one of your Pokemon learn this move, the Pokemon would have to be a Venusaur, Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume, Meganium, Sunflora, Roselia, or a Cherrim.

What is TM 90 in Pokemon Diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond the TM 90 is the move substitute.

Where is TM spark in Pokemon Diamond?

their is no tm for spark in pokemon

What do you do with shards in diamond?

You can trade it in for a TM on Route 212. Near the Joint of the Route, there will be a house by the river. Talk to the girl inside and she will give you a TM for Rain Dance.

Where is the swords dance TM in Pokemon Black?

You can't find swords dance as a TM in Pokemon Black

Where do you get the TM hypnosis in Pokemon diamond?

Hypnosis is not a TM.

How do you find 10 of the same color shards in Pokemon diamond?

Go to the underground and dig in the walls to find shards. It may take a while but you can get TM's from someone. They are sunny day, rain dance, sandstorm.

TM dragon dance Pokemon emerald?

Dragon dance cannot found on a TM.