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  • Actually, the masterballs are:
  • 1 is in team AQUAS hidout (all u have 2 do is go through the teleporters and find a group of 4 of them, 2 r wild Pokemon, and the other 2 are a gold nugget,(wich can be sold at a high price,) and the other 1 will be a precious master ball.
  • The other one is at the lilycove mall, all u have to do is go 2 the lady behind the counter and talk 2 her. She will ask u 2 pick a lotto ticket. If the lotto ticket number digits (all) match any of your pokemons I.D., then you will get a masterball.
  • There is 3 or 6 more, but I forgot where they are.
  • Hopes this helps u.
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Q: Where do you get a Masterball in Pokemon Emerald?
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Masterball cheat for Pokemon Emerald?

how to cheat Pokemon emerald masterball with password

Pokemon Emerald masterball cheat?

if u use any masterball cheat u get bad egg in Pokemon PC

Where do you get a second masterball in Pokemon emerald?

In the Lilycove Lottery.

What do you get when you win the lottery in Pokemon Emerald?

I think a masterball

Pokemon Emerald masterball cheat in PC?


How do you get infinity masterballs in Pokemon Pearl?

you can't If you have Pokemon Emerald and you have completed it, clone a Pokemon that holds the masterball then transfer it to Pokemon Pearl and you get the masterball with the Pokemon

How do you catch cool Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

masterball a magicarp or a cacoon or a metapod

How many masterballs are in Pokemon Emerald?

One masterball is in Pokemon emerald. To find out more go to my site called

How do you get 999 masterball in Pokemon emerald?

well you have to save your masterball until you get the battle frontier then you give a Pokemon to the master ball then you put it in the cloning chamber

Can you get more then one masterball Pokemon emerald?

Yes you can, by winning them at the lottery.

How do you get many masterball no cheat?

at Emerald: Lilycove city, u can win a masterball at Emerald: Lilycove city, u can win a masterball at Emerald: Lilycove city, u can win a masterball

Can you get more than one master ball on Pokemon emerald?

if you clone a masterball

Get more than one masterball?

The only way you can get more than one masterball on Pokemon ruby/saphirre is you compeate in the Pokemon lottery corner. In Pokemon emerald you can have a Pokemon hold a masterball and then clone it.After you beat Team Rocket in the Silph Co. building, then the president at the top floor, after you beat Giovanni, will give the Masterball to you.

How do you get another masterball after using the first one?

You can't. Unless your using Pokemon emerald. don't use the masterball on rayquaza. when you beat the Pokemon league clone a Pokemon holding the masterball. Wow i never even thought of that! thanks!

How can you secure a Pokemon catch in Pokemon Emerald?

The only way is to use a Masterball, but you have one in the game. Another cheat is false.

What is the cheat for stealing Pokemon from trainer in Pokemon emerald?

You must use a masterball and you can keep it,go on for more info.

What is the code for master balls on Pokemon emerald?

in the team aqua base.. the masterball is suurounded by voltorb

How to catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Emerald?

Well To Catch Mewtwo On Pokemon Emerald You Need To Use Action Replay I suggest Using The 999x Masterball Cheat Hope This Helped

How do you get more than one master ball in Pokemon leaf green?

Once you have the masterball you get in leafgreen the only way to get another one is to have a firered or ruby or sapphire or emerald trade you a Pokemon that is holding a masterball.

Can a timerball become a masterball on Pokemon emerald?

No, they are completely to different items, although if your playing like 200 rounds its theoretically a masterball with high percent catch rate.

Where do you get the masterball in Pokemon emerald?

the easiest masterball is located in the aqua hide-out near lilycove city. the second way to obtain a masterball is to have a perfect trainer-id match in the lottery on the lilicove department store

Can you get as many mastersballs in FireRed?

There is a cheat, if you trade a Pokemon of yours holding a masterball to someone with Emerald they can clone that Pokemon and what its holding and then trade back!

What is the strongest pokeball in Pokemon emerald?

a masterball cause it is the most powerfull pokeball with 100% catch rate to any pokemon

Does masterball catch all pokemons in emerald?

yes it does because a master ball catches pokemon without fail

How do you make a pokeball a masterball in emerald?

Kill all Pokemon or kill you self ! I allready try!

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