Where do you get a Masterball in Pokemon Emerald?

  • Actually, the masterballs are:
  • 1 is in team AQUAS hidout (all u have 2 do is go through the teleporters and find a group of 4 of them, 2 r wild Pokemon, and the other 2 are a gold nugget,(wich can be sold at a high price,) and the other 1 will be a precious master ball.
  • The other one is at the lilycove mall, all u have to do is go 2 the lady behind the counter and talk 2 her. She will ask u 2 pick a lotto ticket. If the lotto ticket number digits (all) match any of your pokemons I.D., then you will get a masterball.
  • There is 3 or 6 more, but I forgot where they are.
  • Hopes this helps u.