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Where do you get a butt injection?


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In the glutus maximus... upper butt, lower hip, off to the side


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Where is the the cheapest butt injection

This would require a butt lift. An injection sort of like botox.


You can get a butt injection in Dallas from Dr. Kevin Light. You can also get one from the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

Injections, in general, are taken through many places in the human body. They could be taken under the skin, in the veins, or in the muscles or called intramuscular. Taking injections through the butt is considered as a type of an intramuscular injection. This type of injection could be take through the muscles of the arm but they are preferred to be taken through the butt because the muscle of the butt is huge and can better tolerate the injection and its effects preventig many disadvantages of injections taken through the muscles of the arm.

It takes usually three to seven days for my butt ache to ease up. If it still persists, you may need to call your physician.

A little. The trick is to relax the muscles when you are getting it as tensing up makes it painful.

It hurts alot if your thinking of it but if u dont think about it it dosent hurt

Butt injections, or hydro gel, usually range from 300 to 600 dollars in Philadelphia. The complete surgery may cost upward of 13,000.

The price of a butt augmentation surgery in Cleveland, OH will depend on where you have your surgery done. There are a variety of clinics in Cleveland offering this service, and most will charge between $4,200 to $4,675.

Yes, the ventral gluteal site is one of the safest and most comfortable spots for the injection.

I assume for use as an injection site. Deltoid muscle (shoulder) and Gluteus maximus (butt cheek)

The manufacturer advises that depo provera can be given in either the gluteal muscle (butt) or deltoid (arm) with no change in effectiveness. Most patients find it more comfortable to get the injection in the larger muscle of the buttocks.

The preferred treatment for gonorrhea and syphilis in males and females is an injection of antibiotic. There are no STD for which men get injections and women get some other treatment.

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The injection rate is the number of injections. The injection pressure is the pressure the injection is under.

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an injection under the skin is called a sucutaneous injection.

It is bad for you. And illegal. Not fda appoved. And alot of times be deadly. It is still practised illegally in the usa but if u were to find someone that does it it will not benifit you in the long run .Your body naturally creates antibodies for any foreign substance put into it. Thus it may look great and your butt will become bigger in the big inning but in the end because of the antibodies your body creates to dispose of the foreign substance will cause it to become lumpy . You will have lumps in your butt. Brazillion butt lift is a legal way and safe way to have a bigger butt

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Not from the injection.

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