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Where do you get a fire stone?


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January 03, 2010 10:03PM


on fuego ironworks...... this is labelled on the map but VERY hard to get there

this is how you get it, go to florma town walk on route 205 up the bridge

through the grass up the stairs to the next set of stairs that go down

through the 5 by 2 grass under the bridge and there's water surf up NOT down like i did the first time.... there's no way you can get lost if you go up. there are two ways

to go after you went up..... 1 you go right end up at the iron works go inside. I found 2

but it was on pearl, my brother got 1 but he's only 6 so he could not find out how to get all the items, and if you left you end up in part of florma meadow there are

4-5 items here 1 leaf stone 2 miracle seed 3 i forgot 4 i forgot 5 i forgot

hope i helped !!!