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you can't

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What order did puffles come in?

red. blue.black pink puffle Green Puffle Purple Puffle Yellow Puffle White Puffle Orange Puffle Brown Puffle

What is a non element of torts?

Gingerbread is a non-element of torts.Gingerbread is a non-element of torts.Gingerbread is a non-element of torts.Gingerbread is a non-element of torts.

Which puffle goes with which game?

Pink puffle- Aqua Grabber Black puffle- Cart Surfer Green puffle- Jet Pack Adventure Red puffle- Dance Contest Yellow Puffle- DJ3K Red Puffle- Surfing Brown Puffle- Puffle Maker All Puffles- Puffle Launcher

What are gingerbread made of?

gingerbread is made of ginger and bread

Where is captain Rockhoppers puffle?

No he is in puffle rescue, the game the black puffle rescue you have to rescue the puffle.

What are the names of the club penguin elite puffles?

black puffle: flare red puffle: blast pink puffle: loop blue puffle: bouncer green puffle: flit purple puffle: pop yellow puffle: chirp white puffle: chill

When will there be a new puffle in Club Penguin?

i heard that the puffle party there will be a orange puffle and soon a rainbow puffle

Is there an magenta puffle?

No, there is not a magenta puffle. Although, there is a purple puffle and a pink puffle for sale. :) I hope this helped.

What puffle is the sweetist puffle?

The Blue Puffle, and the White Puffle. Blue: nice White: shy, cute.

Where did the gingerbread man come from?

The gingerbread man came from Germany

Where does the gingerbread man live?

He would live in a gingerbread house.

What part of Europe did gingerbread come from?

Gingerbread originates from Armenia.

Where in Germany do they specialise in making gingerbread?

Nuremberg is famous for its gingerbread.

How many syllables are in the word gingerbread?

Gingerbread has three syllables.

What age group is the Gingerbread man aimed towards?

The folktale The Gingerbread Man (also known as The Gingerbread Boy and The Gingerbread runner) is aimed at children aged five to eight. Modern versions of this story include a gingerbread cowboy in the Wild West.

Which puffles play games with you on clubpenguin?

Red Puffle- Catchin Waves Black Puffle- Cart Surfing Pink Puffle- Aqua Grabber Yellow Puffle- DJ3K Purple Puffle- Dance Contest Green Puffle- Jet Pack Adventure Any Puffle- Puffle Launcher

When you menter a code for a puffle when do you get the puffle?

You can get a puffle anytime when you enter a code!

Can you get a baby puffle in Club Penguin?

Well, that's NOT true. A puffle Mates, then a little puffle follows it. Sometimes, the older puffle ditches the baby puffle.

Games for all puffles on club penguin?

Games for puffles are puffle round-up,puffle launch, and pufflescape. Games to play with your puffle are jet pack for the green puffle, DJ3K for the yellow puffle, Dance contest for the purple puffle, cart surfer for the black puffle, Aqua grabber for the pink puffle, and Cathin' Waves for the red puffle. Also you can you all your puffles for pufflescape and puffle launch. You can also take care of your puffle at igloo.

What is a pink puffle code on club penguin?

These exclusive puffle plush toys come with their own unique hats. Each toy has a special coin code that unlocks the same hat in Club Penguin. ... What item will you unlock? ... Puffle; 4" White Puffle; 4" Red Puffle; 4" Purple Puffle; 4" Pink Puffle; 4" Green Puffle; 4" Brown Puffle; 4" Blue Puffle; 4" Black Puffle

What is the pronoun of gingerbread man?

The pronoun that takes the place of the compound noun 'gingerbread man' is it.Example: I tried the gingerbread man and itwas delicious.

What names are the puffles on club penguin elite penguin force?

This is all the puffles, in the order of how you get them. The Blue puffle is Bouncer. The Red puffle is Blast. The Black puffle is Flare. The Pink puffle is Loop. The Purple puffle is Pop. The Green puffle is Flit. The Yellow puffle is Chirp. The White puffle is Chill. And the rumor name for the Orange puffle is Boxer.

What puffle will be the last in Club Penguin?

Next is Golden Puffle, Next Next is Herbert Puffle; where Herbert gets turned into a puffle, and the last one is the Rainbow Puffle.

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