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if you eat it -

if you eat the animal jam

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โˆ™ 2012-05-23 14:17:54
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Q: Where do you get a membership for animal jam?
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How do you stop membership on animal jam?

To stop a membership on Animal Jam, you can call or e-mail Animal Jam, or you can simply wait for your membership to expire and maybe next time just get a 5-month membership.

Did animal jam before have no membership?

When animal jam first began, they had no membership, but very soon they did.

Where to get animal jam membership?

Usually on the animal jam website. You do not need an animal jam membership card you can visit the parent login click on the membership icon and away you go. pay and done!

Where can you buy animal jam membership in New Zealand?

Even if one is living in New Zealand, one can purchase Animal Jam membership by going to the Animal Jam section of the National Geographic website. Animal Jam membership allows you access to members only areas of the Animal Jam site, and portions of the membership fee go to support the National Geographic Big Cats program.

Where can you buy animal jam membership gift cards in Canada?

Animal Jam Membership Cards are only sold in the United States.

How do you get a animal jam membership code?

You do not get a code for a membership unless you buy an animal jam gift card which you can get at Toys R Us. It will have a code and you will get a 1 year membership and a rare lion animal.

Is there a code to get a free membership for animal jam?

There is one. Bananas but it can only be used in January 1st.It gives you premium Membership on animal Jam.

What are membership accounts on Animal Jam?

Sorry no membership accounts

How do you get a free membership on animal jam?

You can't. Animal Jam said they would never do that. Note: You would have to hack to get a free membership

Does Gamestop have animal jam membership?


Can you get me a free membership in animal jam?


Is it possible to get free membership on animal jam?

No, but your membership will cotinue if you get membership, you have to keep on paying

How do you download animal jam code generator?

Animal Jam is a game created by National Geographic. Membership is $5.95 a month. Seeking free membership is a form of theft.

How do you get a free animal jam membership?

buy it

Is there a pet that does not need membership on animal jam?


Can you get animal jam membership at target?


Can you buy animal jam membership in New Zealand?

yes you can

Is there an Animal Jam membership code?


What is the animal jam membership code?

there are none

Is there an Animal Jam membership code in February?


Do you have to give money for membership on animal jam?


Where to get animal jam membership cards?

On the top of the site you will see membership,you click it and there.

How long can you keep a membership on animal jam?

you can get 1,3,6, and 12 months of membership

How to get free animal jam member ship?

Tell the manager of animal jam and say I want a free membership.

What code can you use for membership on animal jam?

There are no membership codes to get free membership. You either have to pay, or make do without membership.