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Crude oil is oil got from directly extracting process. you can use an oil extracting machine such as screw oil press or hydraulic oil press which are common oil extracting machines used for this.

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What is the sustainability of crude oil?

This is the possibility to extract crude oil for long time.

How do you extract crude oil?

By using Fractional Distillation.

Were do you get crude oil from and how do you extract it?

It comes from underground and we extract it by drilling a hole then by pumping it out of the ground

Where do you get crude oil from and how do you extract it?

In the ground or under the ocean, by using oil pumps.

How do you get hydrogen and carbon from crude oil?

you extract them by drilling wells

What are oil rigs used for?

Oil rigs are used to drill wells in the earth to extract crude oil and natural gas.

Oil rigs are used for?

Oil rigs are used to drill wells in the earth to extract crude oil and natural gas.

How do you extract crude oils?

Crude oils are extracted by fractioning crude oil in a fractioning tower. They are fractioned by heating to boiling point and rising up the tower where they condensate and come out in another form.

How do you extract diesel from crude oil?

Diesel (C15-C16 chains) is separated from crude oil through the process of fractional distillation. The temperature range for this distillation is between 250 and 300 degrees Celsius.

What are three advantages for crude oil?

cheap to extract wide range of uses as fuel used to make plastics

How is the crude separated from the oil?

Crude IS oil.

Why is crude oil known as crude oil?

Crude Oil is hydrocarbon and it is mixture of carbon and hydrogen.

What is Nigeria's position in the world in producing crude oil?

Crude oil is crude..

How are polymers made into crude oil?

Polymers are not made into crude oil. Crude oil is made into polymers.

What ingredients are in crude oil?

dookey is in crude oil

Is crude oil a mixture?

Crude oil is a mixture

What can you do with crude oil?

What other thing you can do with crude oil.

What does crude oil consist of?

crude oil consists of thick oil

Is polythene made from crude oil?

Yup!    Crude Oil -> Crude Oil Vapour --> Diesel Oil --> Ethene --> Poly(ethene)

What is the spiked crude oil?

Crude oil mixed with condensate and NGL

How many gallons of gasoline are there in a barrel of crude oil?

Zero. A barrel or crude oil contains... crude oil.

How you get hydrocarbons from petroleum or crude oil?

Petroleum or Crude oil is hydrocarbons. Petroleum processing is distillation-separation different fraction of hydrocarbons from each other. Petrochemical would further extract fine hydrocarbon from hydrocarbons and react them to the desire hydrocarbon chemical.

What is the difference between oil and crude oil?

crude oil isn't refined

Crude oil is a toxic chemical that is?

Crude oil is inorganic.

Is Crude Oil a colloid?

yes crude oil is a colloid!

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