Where do you get extasy?

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Q: Where do you get extasy?
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What is in yellaow extasy pills?

yellow extasy

When was Extasy Records created?

Extasy Records was created in 1986-04.

When was Zazen Extasy created?

Zazen Extasy was created on 2000-07-30.

What actors and actresses appeared in Extasy - 1995?

The cast of Extasy - 1995 includes: Tonio Descanvelle Armelle Stepien

What is extasy classified as?

A felony!!!

How long after you took xanax do you have to wait before taking extasy to get the full effect?

I think you are really Stupide Xanax is against Extasy troubles ...

Does extasy show in a ua?


What are the health effects of extasy?


What does it feel like to be eaten out on extasy?


Can you take ipubprofen with extasy?

Yes you can but its kinda pointless

Where can you get a flying dog from?

from a pet store with the salesman on extasy

How high can you get off of extasy?

It depends on the amount you would be taking.

What drug is packaged in little plastic bag with Superman logo?

extasy tablet

Can you take extasy while on suboxone?

I wouldnt. You dont know what its cut with.

How is extasy detectable in urine?

Yes, usually from 3-6 days

What are some long term effects from extasy?

You get erections more often

Does extasy effect your sex drive?

You may be feeling more sensual than sexual on extasy. Sometimes guys have a difficulty getting hard because extasy often contains amphetamines. You will feel universal love and the desire to touch people and tell them you love them, but not necessarily the desire to have sex with them. But given the right conditions, sex on ecstasy is really awesome, and you really get into it a lot.

What actors and actresses appeared in Living in Extasy - 2006?

The cast of Living in Extasy - 2006 includes: Alexandra Bienvenu as Emma Sylvie Chaintrier as Woman Julien Masdoua as Sam Eric Nesci as Eric Romain Ressiguier as Romain

Does Lil Wayne pop pills?

he was arrested for having extasy. which is in pill form.

How long does coke and extasy stay in your system if you take a blood test?


How do Blue extasy pill makes you feel?

makes you feel like your on meth

What drugs are designer drugs?

It like Extasy and stuff. Its drugs that are mixed. Weed is NOT a designer drug its just weed. Extasy IS, theres like meth and a whole bunch of other drugs. Its a drug thats made up of multiple drugs

If you take Prozac 20mg everyday will it effect the drugs you use like weed meth and extasy?

I find extasy does not work at all with prozac. I took 20 and later 30 mg a day. weed still works for me, meth i dont know.

What is close to extasy on a drug test?

Heroin and cocaine. But they DO have a single test for E now.

What drugs may cause seizures?

from what i have read in the past mdma, extasy are the main ones for it