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do the quest "stocking the shelves" in warlics zone. if you search to the north you will come across a statuue glowing. with a DA (dragon amulet) you can get the lrvel 10 up to 50 versoins of the daggers sword and staff for free.

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in frozen cave of doom near falconreach

you can get amulet on dragonfable by paying £12 or you can cheat by using a dragonfable trainer

can a kind person give me a free dragon amulet email in dragonfable

a lvl 31 with a amulet

Visit the Dragonfable website and click on the sidebar 'upgrade acount' You will then have to choose a method of payment and purchase an amulet. The Human Paladin

you can't you need a dragon amulet for 1.79

you cannot obtain the Dragon amulet without Buying it from the site

get a dragon amulet and you can use your big dragon

It is not possible to get a free Dragon Amulet.

you either need to get a dragon amulet or you need a dragon amulet and pay for guardianship seperatly. yes, you must pay for a dragon amulet

to get a house, you will need a dragon amulet. after you get a dragon amulet, go to falconreach and the option to get a house will be on the screen

No one will tell you how to get a free Dragon Amulet account. As the only way to get one is to pay.

Dragon Amulet. It'd Dragonfable's membership.


To recive a dragon on Dragonfable, you must purchase a $20 Dragon Amulet. This allows your baby dragon to grow.

DA quests on Dragonfable are quests that are only available for people who have purchased a Dragon Amulet for their account.

By either activating your account, or buying a dragon amulet.

You need to have a dragon amulet or battle the monsters in dragonfable

when you kill hydra while coming to flaconreach you get the sword

go to warlic and click shop it will tell you what items you need and you get those items by completing warlics random quests

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