Where do you get medicines from?

Most medicines are derived from nature. Foxglove is where we get the heart medicine, Digitalis. Senna pods are a laxative, which is in the patent medicine Sennokot.Ricin , a poison ,is from castor bean pods, as does castor oil. Willow bark is a fever reducer and mild pain reliever. Morphine and codeine come from a certain species of Poppy flowers.Penicillin came from bread mold, and LSD and ergots to aid in labor and delivery from rye mold.Cough medicine first came from the inner bark of the cherry tree. Marijuana can be used to reduce intra-ocular eye pressure in patients with glaucoma.All these can be fabricated in a lab now.Along with many new drugs.Drugs were put on this Earth to help alleviate pain and treat illness. No drug, used properly, in and of itself , is bad.