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Where do you get mew in Pokemon emerald?

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you cant unless you use cheats

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Mew Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

Mew is not in firered only emerald.

Can I get Mew in Colosseum?

Not at all mew is an event Pokemon for Pokemon emerald.

Mew in Pokemon LeafGreen'?

Mew isn't in Leafgreen. Trade Mew from Emerald.

How do you get a mew in emerald?

You can only get mew in japinese Pokemon games.

How do you evolve mew in Pokemon emerald?

Mew does not evolve, Mewtwo is a completely different pokemon.

How do you catch mew Pokemon Ruby?

You need to trade Mew from Emerald

Pokemon perl how to get mew?

Mew can be migrated from Pokemon Emerald if that game was participated in the Japanese Mew event to get the Old Sea Map or have 999 Pokemon in Pokemon Ranch and Hailey will give you Mew.

How can you get Mew on Pokemon FireRed?

You must capture Mew on Emerald and trade it to FireRed.

How to get mew in Pokemon diamond?

You have to get Mew from Pokemon Emerald, LeafGreen, or FireRed but on those games you can only get it through an event.

How to get mew in Pokemon LeafGreen and Ho-oh?

Mew has to be traded from emerald and ho-oh you have to get from Pokemon colosseum.

Which games can you catch mew in?

Pokemon firered emerald

How can you catch mew in soulsilver?

you can't you have to use action replay or gameshark to get mew in that game which is cheating.only in Pokemon emerald mew is naturally a Pokemon in the game

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