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Last summer I caught a orphaned squirrel in my backyard (his mother had been killed by a dog) he only had his milk teeth so he didn't bite me. (If you find one like this feed it creamy peanut butter) You can also find some for sale on the internet.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-09 14:53:51
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Q: Where do you get squirrels from?
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No, grey squirrels don't eat red squirrels.

What are the different kinds of squirrels?

These are the types of squirrels: *Fox Squirrels *Eastern Grey Squirrels *Western Grey Squirrels *Red Squirrels *Flying Squirrels *California Ground Squirrels Prairie Dogs may or may not be a part of the squirrel family. Hope this helps! :)

What is the correct collective noun for squirrels?

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Are fox squirrels bigger than grey squirrels?

yes .Fox squirrels are bigger than grey squirrels

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Why do squirrels have fur?

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No, flying squirrels are real but they are not actual squirrels. They are a different species with the same name. Thanks!

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Squirrels are mammals, so yes the baby squirrels do have mothers and fathers.

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Why is the collective noun for squirrels a dray?

Yes, a dray of squirrels is the collective noun. Other collective nouns are: a scurry of squirrels a colony of squirrels.

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ground squirrels do

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Do black squirrels eat red squirrels?


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