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The old rod is given to you by a fishing guru. He is located in the Pokemon Center just outside of the Union Cave. Talk to him to get the rod.

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Ruby, sapphire, emrald, and crystal(crystal is the old version of soul silver);~]

You can get it at Pewter City. Talk to the old man that is on the grass.

no you can not crystal version is too old try trading Pokemon to it with fire red, leaf green, Or Diamond, Pearl, Or Platinum

The old Pokemon silver probably cost $10 and Pokemon Soul Silver the new one cost $40.00.

todidile,cyndiquil,chickorita just the old Pokemon for the old silver and gold games

If you are playing Pokemon Soul Silver, the Silver Wing is given to you by the kimono girls, after you help 'em. If you are playing Heart Gold, unlike in the other version, you'll get the Silver Wing with an Old Man in Pewter City.

All you have to do is go to the Pokemon centre in route 32 to find the old rod in Pokemon SoulSilver.

you can't transfer Pokemon from silver version to fire red bcause silver version is old counterpart of Pokemon games that doesn't have any new features for fire red,leaf green,ruby or sapphire and emerald.sorry

You mean Soul Silver? Silver was the old game and I can't help you with that. However, in Soul Silver you can give shards to the guy in Violet or Fuschia city and he will give you something for it.

heart gold, soul silver, and crystal(old)

A fisherman within the Pokemon Center on Route 32 will give you the Old Rod in Pokémon SoulSilver.

Ok well Pokemon soulsilver is the same thing as the old Pokemon silver if you have silver do not get soul silver but the best Pokemon game is comming out end of the year its called bronze, soul silver has 16 gyms because you fly to another region for another eight its very easy i have already finished

Talk to the fisherman NPC in the Pokemon center near the entrance to Union Cave.

becaues the Pokemon from black arnt registered in soulsilver or any of the old games


who ever asked this question is dumb he doesn't exiest in heart gold and soul silver

it's like in the old silver version you go up on the bridge and keep walking till you meet a guy (don't remember if it was a ''boyfriend'' or a rocket) and after him misty comes.( i apologize for bad spelling)

you get the old rod from one of the fishermen on route 32,the good rood in olivine,

you cant that's not in hh and ss its in the old ones from a event

There is no possible way to clone Pokemon in this version of the game, but in the old silver and gold you could. Unless of course Action Replay can do that. I have no clue about that.

Heart Gold or Soul Silver because it has 16 gyms, you can catch rare Pokemon such as mewtwo, and it has better graphics. Oh, and you also get a telephone in the game like you do in emerald version. But if you're an old fashion guy, get Pearl. In Pearl version you have a vs seeker, unlike Heart Gold or Soul Silver but in Heart Gold and Soul Silver people can call you on your telephone (in the game, not literally your phone and it's not real people that call you.) and you can find them, and battle them again. Anyway, here are the legendary Pokemon you can get in heart gold and soulsilver. You can get Kyogre in heart gold and Groudon in Soul silver. You can get Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-oh (Yes, both of them in one game :) not Raquaza (unfortunately), Raikou, Suicune, Entei and I can't remember the rest. So go ahead and get Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Hope this helped :)

she gives you a bell thing that allows you to obtain jirachi

go to pewter city and talk to the old man beside the poke market he will give it to you.

It's just like the old silver version you go up on the bridge and find a guy that is standing next to misty and after you either talk to him or walk a certain distance near him,misty will walk away and she will reappear at the gym.

If you want to encounter Lugia, (this is for Heart Gold/ Soul Silver) is to get the Silver Wing & I think the the Tidal Bell. In Soul Silver, you will receive the Silver Wing from the director when you save Goldenrod City Radio Station from Team Rocket. In Heart Gold, when you make it to Pewter City, somewhere there is an old man and if you talk to him, he will give the Silver Wing. I'm sorry that I don't know where to get the Tidal Bell (its been awhile since I played Pokemon Soul Silver).