Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

Where do you get the ruby and sapphire in Pokemon FireRed?

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2014-01-28 16:12:23

ruby mt.ember sapphire dotted hole

After you beat Elite4, go to mt.ember and immediately go right.

defeat the one in front of the cave. then go very deep in the cave

and you'll find the ruby. Go back to the PC on 1 island and talk to

celio.he'll take the ruby and tri-pass and give you the rainbow

pass. this gives you access to all 7 islands. now sail to 6 island

and go south to ruin valley.keep going until you see a rock with a

metal door and water almost surrounding it. go to the door and use

cut. after the hole in the middle, go into the up hole, left,

right, then down. when you attempt to get the sapphire, a guy will

take it from you and leave to the rocket warehouse in five isle

meadow in 5 island. Defeat the rocket grunts and get to the end

where you'll see the guy again. Battle him and win. then he'll give

you the sapphire.

hope this helped!

Ruby and Sapphire are video games, like fire red. they aren't

something that you can obtain from any game. so go to a fu**ing

store and buy one. retard.

if you mean the items needed to complete the net center, the ruby

is at Mt. Ember after you beat the elite four/sapphire is in the

rocket warehouse at five island.

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