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Q: Where do you go after you catch the Billiards room ghost On Luigi's Mansion?
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How do you beat the ballroom ghosts on Luigis mansion for GameCube?

how to beat the ghost in the ballroom in luigi's mansion

How do you get golden frames in Luigis mansion?

you have to suck up the ghost in one try and then you get a golden frame

How do you beat graveyard boss in luigis mansion?

Suck up a Shadow Ghost until it becomes a ball and shoot it at the real ghost then you can suck it up!

What does Shyguy look like under the mask?

Welllllll its hard to describe.If ya REALLY want to know play Luigis mansion there are ghost shyguys in it and you can suck there masks off. Welllllll its hard to describe.If ya REALLY want to know play Luigis mansion there are ghost shyguys in it and you can suck there masks off.

How do you get Mario out of the mansion in luigis mansion?

how to get Mario out of the mansion is to fight kingboo.once you fight kingboo at the end of the game E. gadd will use the ghost machine backwards on the Mario painting to get Mario out of the painting making Mario out of the the after the credits you will get a rank of what mansion you will get by the amount of coins you earned.

What do you do in luigis mansion after you defeat the dog?

go into the dog house you will see a light and use your game boy horror and there you will find ghost suck them up and there you will find the boss

What is the difference in the second mansion in luigis mansion?

The only difference is the difficulty. The game gets harder the more times you beat it. Second time the ghost hit 2x as hard and have 2x the health ,but your vacuum has 2x the sucking power.

How do you find the fortune telles room in luigis mansion?

yes you can because there is a room just for the fortune teller. She's a portrait ghost and you'll have to vaccum her. So she's a white pearl

When was Ghost of Saga Mansion created?

Ghost of Saga Mansion was created in 1953.

How do you beat the ghost in the nursery in luigis mansion?

All you have to do is rock the horsey cradle thing. Then you will go to this ghost dimension and fight the demonic baby. Then suck up the ball with you p.3000 and spit it back at him(this may require use of the control stick)(yellow stick)

How do you kill the first boss the baby ghost in luigis haunted mansion?

You use your vacuum to suck up the rocking chair for at least 20 seconds. then the baby will come next to the rocking chair and throw teddy bears at you.

Why was the mansion called canter ville chase?

Because the mansion was haunted by the ghost.

Where is the ghost matron in club penguin?

In the mansion

How can you catch a ghost?

You can't really catch a ghost. You can catch a ghost on an EVP or electronic voice phenomena or on a camera. There are people that are exclusively ghost hunters.

How many ghost haunt the haunted mansion at Disneyland?

There are 999 happy haunts in the mansion

What do you think the yellow ghost in luigi's mansion 2 should be called?

yellow ghost

Are there real ghost in ripleys haunted mansion?

yes there is

The mansion in the movie casper the friendly ghost?

The mansion was called Whipstaff Manor, and it was filmed at the Colonial Mansion, Backlot, in Universal City.

Where is the 50th boo in luigis mansion?

Officially, to mark the near end of Luigi's journey, the 50th Boo is located in the Art Studio, where Vincent Van Gore, the last escaped ghost portrait ghost remains.If you have captured the boo inside the Art Studio, remember to capture the optional escape ghost portraits and check those rooms for Boo's. If you have captured the optional escape ghost portraits and the Boo's in those rooms, try retracing your steps by checking the other rooms in the mansion to try and identify which room the final Boo is located in.

How do you catch the ghost in the net on ghost island poptropica?

when you see a ghost you clik your backpack and then find the net chase after the ghost and it will catch it by itself! SIMPLE!

How to see Ghost pictures and videos?

catch a ghost

Who is ghost bowser on luigi's mansion?

King Boo is bowser

Can you catch a ghost on FireRed?

You cannot catch the ghost in the Pokemon Tower until you reveal what it really is.

Can you catch a ghost on Pokemon?


In luigis mansion what do you do in the music room?

make all of the instruments play then a ghost will apear. after she is done playing here music the answere tho here question is Mario world 3. suck up all of the music sheets and walla her heart apears. repeat this until she is dead.