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== == There are actually many places, but the most abundant concentration of street artists in Paris is in Montmarte. Montmarte is a sort of bohemian artistic community in Paris. Atop this 300 foot hill is the Sacre Coeur, a basilica that is, of course, open to the public, and a virtual street market of artists. Here you can walk amongst the artists as they paint, view their work, converse with them, and purchase pieces you like. There is an artistic style for everyone to be found in Montmarte and on canvasses to fit into the available space in everyone?s luggage and budget. Aside from art, Montmarte is also a good place to venture into if you are in search of cheap food and drink or more traditional souvenir items at a reasonable price. Be forewarned of the walk, though. Getting to the top of Montmarte is no small feat. If you take the Metro, get in line for the elevator as you disembark the train. There will be a line which will make it tempting to take the stairs, but you will be glad you waited.

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Q: Where do you go in Paris to buy a painting from a Parisian artist?
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