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Where do you go to college if you want to be a news reporter?


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I'd speak to a number of people who are all ready working in that field, to find out what THEY did to get to where they are now. Journalism school at a University is not the only way to get into the business. Some very successfull writers never set foot in J school.Note that I said writers, and you used the term "news reporter". There is large difference between the two things. A news reporter is much less well trained than a journalist is. A reporter simply records things as they happen and puts it into a understandable form that can be read, in a newspaper, or spoken on a tv news segement. A journalist writes longer more indepth accounts of events, and has to be able to make it interesting as well as concise and accurate. A journalist needs to have a much greater amount of formal training than a reporter does.


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