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dictionary or Google

dictionary: look threw the book until you find the definiton and then look at the word


google: type in the definition

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Q: Where do you go to find the words to the definition?
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Where can one get the definition of 'Sophistry'?

You can get the definition of the word Sophistry and all other words in the dictionary. If you do not own a dictionary then you can go to any online dictionary to find the meaning of this word.

Where can one go to find the definition of 'Venal'?

There are many places you could go to find the definition of venal. Your local library will have many dictionaries and thesauruses to use. These will help you to quickly find a basic definition.

How do you find a word when you have the definition?

Look for the main words in the definition in a reference book called a Thesaurus.

How do you use the definition of grandiloquent in a sentence?

Lets go find the definition to impression?

What is the definition of abiotic factors?

go to p.s200 and you will find out

What is definition of genomic mutation?

go on and find out

What is the definition of order in mathematics?

Go find out your self!

What is the definition of self portrait?

google it or go to to find out your answer

What is the definition for corridor?

One definition for corridor is a passage or a hallway and to find other definitions go to

What does it mean when you say find it in the DICtionary?

The dictionary contains all words and their definition. So, go to and look up whatever word you don't understand.

Difference between Glossary and Definition of terms?

The glossary is a list of the popular words used throughout a text and it shows you the page numbers to find the words. The definition of terms is a list of popular words and what they mean.

How do i get a definition of succor?

Go to where you will find out that "succor" means "help".

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