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Where do you go to get a blood test to determine if you are Indian?

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There are different kinds of tests one can do, results can be determined through both the Male and Female lines of descent depending on the type used. You can have DNA testing done for starters.

2007-09-20 05:31:46
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How can I determine my own blood type?

There are many ways in which one can determine their own blood type. The first option is first to go to a doctor and request that they preform the test in the office. The second way to determine blood type is to go to the local drug store and buy an at home blood type test.

How do I find out what type blood I have?

You can go to your family doctor and he can give you a blood test to determine your blood type. There are also at home tests you can buy. And if you go to donate blood they will tell you your blood type.

How would you determine what blood type someone is?

You can go to the doctors office and have blood drawn. They then send the blood to the lab where they perform a special test to determine the blood type. Also, you may already have your blood type on record from a previous test or hospitalization. Next time you visit your physician, ask if he knows your blood type. If not, ask him if it is possible for you to get the test.

How do I find out if my blood type is rare?

You can visit your doctor's office and they can do a test to determine which blood type you are. You then may go to American Red Cross website and they can help determine if your blood type is rare.

How do you find out your blood type?

Go to your doctor and request a blood test, tell them you want to know your blood type, a phlebotomist will take your blood in a series of vials, then a few days later you will get a letter in the male or you will go back into the doctors and they will tell you your blood type.

Where do I go to determine my blood type?

In order to determine your blood type, you will need to have a blood test conducted. Possible testing locations include your Primary Care Physician, as well Blood Donation Centers. There are also Blood Type Test Kits available over-the-counter at certain drugstores and online.

How can I determine my blood type for free?

You can either: take a blood test OR donate your blood. If you want to take a blood test, you can go to Red Cross and donate it! They should tell you it for free when you're done. Another way is to take a blood test. They should have it on a file somewhere if you already did.

How long do police have right to aske for a blood alcohol test after an accident?

Either you submit to the field sobriety test or you can go to the station and give blood, breath, or urine to determine your BAC.

Can you be pregnant if you had a urine pregnancy test but your stomach is getting harder should you go and have a blood test?

Yes, go and have a blood test

Psa blood test?

no! No! Do not go to the psa blood test! It is very high! Do not go there! Im warning you!

How can I determine my blood type.?

You cannot determine your blood type from a website. You should go to your doctor and have your blood tested. Ask your doctor what blood type you are.

Does an HIV blood test detect pregnancy?

An HIV blood test can tell if you are pregnant. When doctors get results back from a blood test, though they may be testing for a specific thing other things will get flagged as well. For example, when you take a home-pregnancy test and then go to the doctor's to confirm you are pregnant, often they will run blood tests to determine pregnancy. An HIV blood test will show whether or not you have HIV, but will also show whether or not you are pregnant.No; a HIV blood test won't tell if you are pregnant.

How do you test for diabetes?

Doctors will take a blood sample, send it to a lab and determine if you have diabetes...also getting a glucose meter could help you determine if you have diabetes. Go to for more information.

How do you do blood test?

You go to the doctor

What is an AIDS test?

an aids test is where you go for a blood test to see if you have AIDS

How far back does a blood test go?

90 days in a blood test 30-60 days in a urine test

Is there any medical test to determine which food item is not suitable to a person?

Yes there are. It is just an easy test and its not that expensive. You just need to go to the hospital and ask them to check your allergies (free in some countries). Then they will take a blood test from you. They take a bit of blood from your finger and they check it and then they tell you what you are not suitable to eat.

Can you go to a gyno to get a blood test to find out if you're pregnant if you're on your period?

You can get a pregnancy blood test anytime.

Can a blood test tell you if you are pregnant?

Yes a blood test can tell you you are pregnant. That's why to make sure someone is pregnant the go to the doctors and take a blood test for pregnancy.Yes

How is caffeine detected in the blood?

Caffeine can be detected in the blood by administering a blood test. The test must go through a lab in order to detect the caffeine.

Where can you go to have a blood test done?

You can have a blood test done at any doctor's office. There may also be clinics in your area where blood tests are done.

How do you verify if the child is yours?

Go to your doctor and he will do a blood test. A blood group test is not enough, only a full DNA test will give the whole picture.

telling what my blood type is?

Go to your family doctor and have him/her conduct a blood test. A blood test is conclusive and quick. Contact your family doctor for more information.

You haven't came on your period for the month of march what do you do?

Go to your doctor for a pregnancy blood test & ask for a blood test to check your hormones.

You have missed your period and you took a prego test but it was a light positive what does that mean?

Probably pregnant, go get another test or go to your doctor to get a blood test.